Virgo Best and Worst Relationship Matches


The ever practical perfectionist Virgo celebrates their birthday during the same month that dictates the main motivating archetype of their personalities. End of August and beginning of September bring the largest harvest time on earth. This is a time of year that people gather and bring together all the hard work from the summer, and all the waiting from the previous winter. They go out into the fields and pastures as the summer light begins to ebb and the summer heat starts to wane. In the same way Virgo’s love to bring what seems to be chaos into synthesis, and create harmony when there is discord.

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is a bit of a head over heart person, and yet, as previous Virgo lovers in my life have amply demonstrated, they allow their childhood to permeate the rest of their life, which imbues everything that they do with a profound level of wonder and excitement. In relationships the tension between intellect and wonder, can produce a dizzying display of conversationalism and an independent search for knowledge, that can either alienate you as a Virgo’s lover or bring you in so thoroughly that you could never imagine being with someone as interesting or as dynamic.

Your Virgo lover is not only shy but is extremely hard on his/her self, and that is a combination that can lead to some problematic personality traits. It can, at first, seem as though Virgo is completely detached, without emotion, and yet precisely the opposite is true. They are keenly sensitive, and this can be seen as any depth of relationship is explored between you and your Virgo lover.

This criticism is the basis of your lover’s most annoying personality trait: the external critic that exists in every Virgo. Despite your best attempts to let your partner know how much this type of nagging examination of all you faults, bugs you, they persist. It is as much a reflection of how incomplete they sometimes feel, and less about you. But it is something that will drive away not only casual relationships, but the meaningful ones as well.

Virgo has a hard enough time finding someone that they feel can even measure up to the harsh light of their ever evaluating third eye, but once they do find that special someone, the temptation can be to continue to perfect that person. As much as it is appealing to let Virgo take a red marking pen to your personality because you desire their love, it is important to remember that they are reflecting their own insecurities. In letting them continue this type of behavior you are reconstituting their own identity issues.

Don’t let Virgo fool you though. It is easy to mistake the shyness of the Virgo as aloofness, when really all it is that they are more comfortable with intellectualizing and dialoging than spilling their dark emotional secrets. It is for this reason that watching and touching them is the best way to create an intimate physical connection, rather than over eloquent speech. They want to be held when they need to feel loved, fed when they are hungry, and kissed when they feel passionate. They are an earth sign, and thus feel most at home with their five senses, so they are also known to be hot in bed.

***Warning, withholding of affection as a means to argue or get something from a Virgo, will inevitably backfire. Instead of motivating them it will reduce the reason that they want to do something for you in the first place. They will feel unloved when not touched, and they will lose interest in an attempt to protect themselves. Always bribe your Virgo with love and sex, never with negatives.

Best Relationship Matches

Pisces Though your natural opposite is also your most ideal partner. Every quality you lack is ample in Pisces, and vice-versa, so no problem in this marriage is unsolvable, and every day is interesting.

Taurus Has a big heart, while he/she waits for your headiness

Capricorn Both of you are perfectionists and can work extremely well together, bringing harmony to your worlds.

Worst Relationship Matches

Aries Too bossy and will not tolerate your pickiness

Libra Completely unable to take your criticism

Aquarius Both wrong and right, but if it’s wrong you both will be at each other’s throats

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  1. The reason why I match good with another Sagittarius is because my moon and ascendant are in Sagittarius I also feel more a sagg then Virgo sometimes I have battles with myself in very organized on time but I can also be very easy and be late normally a virgo is careful while I can be impulsive I’m not jealous I can be very sarcastic and be a realist and optimist at the same time so I have from both worlds my boyfriend is a Sagittarius with moon in Cancer and Taurus ascendant he’s between a homebuddy and partyanimal what I love the sensuality of a Taurus which I normally find boring the soft side of a cancer but also the bold side of a Sagittarius it can change alot our Venus is the opposite his is in Scorpio and mine in Leo what makes it excited of I have to say myself

  2. Can a female virgo and a male virgo be compatible with each other? Seeking for answers please.

    • In my experience, a Virgo man and woman will be a very good match. I on the other hand, didn’t like that we were in each other’s heads all the time.

  3. I would jus like to know one thing is it true that Virgo likes to jump from relationship to relationship because they like that challenge

    • Virgos are very loyal, until you mess up with one. Once you mess up with them, that’s when they take off. Be careful not to hurt them, they can be very unforgiving and they never forget.

    • the never forget part sounds taunting and repetitive but its true .and so is the jumping from relationship to relationship because Virgos are experimental folk…………they wont stop until they feel like the person they are with is perfect for them

  4. Alright, gonna be completely honest, I skipped over the whole post so I could see the best and worst matches part. However, the Pisces part I know, at least in my case, is completely accurate. My best friend? Pisces. My other best friend? Pisces!

    • I know right? I’m also Virgo and my best friend since childhood and also my mom are pieces. And even though ,like it says in article ,we are completely opposite at making things and choose things ,we always never get along better with someone else!

  5. They forget Virgo and Sagg Best match ever they are both sober not very emotional not very jealous and are mutable signs.

    They are both very flexible and do their best to please eachother are both perfectionists both are very dominant but don’t try to control eachother want their freedom and love to talk about life.

    Both wanna experience life to the fullest and love to do new things
    I can tell you taurus can be the worst because they are stubborn as hell besides that they are to materialistic.

    Pisces and Cancer are too sensitive and virgo has to put to much effort to make sure their is balance + that they are jealous same with scorpio and virgo but they can feel eachother better and be a good team learn from eachother.

    Aries is also very bad choice because they are both dominant what will make it a war.

    Aquarius can go very well as Gemini both intellectual signs Aquarius likes to discuss and Gemini also likes to talk alot and virgo doesn’t mind.

    Capricorn can go well but gets bored since their both earth signs they can work as a team and be very balanced and wealthy together also with Saggitarius together they can acomplish alot.

    Virgo with Leo can go well even though virgo is a bit sober and leo loves attention and needs a lot of it that can be a problem.

    Virgo and libra is a bad combination because libra does what he/she wants while virgo is still discussing what happened the day before.

    • Back when I wuz 15 I had gotten pregnant by a Virgo man well he wuz the same age but about two years ago we had reconnected and wuz talking and he wanted to come and be with me but I had jus left my husband of 19 years and I wuz scared to get close to someone well we still kept in touch he had found someone new well I think that’s when it hit me I had fallen head over heels for him and he knew this his current relationship wasn’t goin so well and he had been promising me that he was coming to be with me he alwayz told me he loved me and I alwayz said it back because the chemistry was there well recently I found out he had found someone new and it crushed me my question for anyone out there does he still love me I asked him if he did and he said yes I also said some hurtful things I am a Libra I’m a perfectionist I think Virgo and libras get along great but jus wanna know y he would do this any answers would be helpful thank u

    • Virgo’s not emotional ? Maybe not with everyone, but when we fall in love we are one of the most sentimental and thoughtful creatures, although we keep most of it within ourselves, all we want is someone to discover that sensitive heart of ours, to breach our defensive walls.
      Btw, im a Scorpio-Venus so that makes me extra sentimental I guess….

      • I’m a Virgo with a moon and ascendant in Sagittarius moon is your emotions Venus has more to do with love because it’s your love planet how you wanna love and wanna receive both with Mars planet of sex my Venus is in Leo just like Scorpio we need to feel love in love I’m very deep and emotional but I keep distance emotionally sometimes because when I get caught up in love It can become an obsession when it comes to sex as my boyfriend who has Venus in Scorpio both very sexual and sensual he’s a Sagittarius but with moon in cancer ascendant in Taurus very romantic sensual a lot depth loyal flirty and makes me feel like a woman😀 maybe you should look at your chart what you have more😀

    • I dont believe that sag and Virgo are the best match. Well, I mean at least for me. My sisters a sag and to be honest, we don’t get along so well. I we are argue a lot. We try not to, but its hard when have different view of thing and think so differently. We are so different. And I always find myself a little annoyed with something’s that she does. We only get along so well when we agree on something or when we talk about a certain. There isn’t really nothing to talk about. We are too different. Maybe, it has to do with our moon and rising signs as well. I’ve never meant another sag but with my sister it seems impossible I would be compatible with one but then you never know. My father is Aquarius and I feel like i get along with him a lot more.

  6. I’m a Libra woman happily married to a ♥Virgo♥ man. We’ve dated since very young teens. I was 13, him almost 18. We’ve gone through so much that in the end only made us so strong and our love unbreakable. ♥ Perfect couple, all Libra girl has to do is develop thick-skin to her precious Virgo man. I love him to death as he does to me. He listens to you, is mature, honest, cares about you, is tidy, intelligent, hard-working, loves you inside-out and not only for your looks like Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo and dumb Aries men. Even though is not as “romantic” (he IS once he opens his heart to you), he’s devoted, loyal and TRUE to you. Virgo man is perfect for this Libra girl.😉 He’s cold at first but he protects his heart because he’s an intelligent male, he’s WORTH it. He can be possessive but HOW can he not be? He knows how precious and charming his Libra lady is. ♥😉 But Libra girl will NEVER let him down. ♥ I’m NOTHING without him!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ mwah ^3^

    Virgo man and Libra woman are the PERFECT couple, one of the happiest and most strongest love. ♥ Many will be jealous of yar powerful love, not even Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer woman or Taurus woman loves and understands him like we only do. Virgos are naturally pessimistic, just smother him with your romantic affection, trust me he wants it and loves the way you love him. When he’s in his cold moments, love him and show him affection, it’s when he mostly needs it, he’s a vulnerable soul inside. Just develop thick-skin to your precious Virgo man, those men are diamonds, don’t ever let them go. ♥ ♥ ♥

    • I’ve seen you on other sites too, with the same comment, weird, right ?😀

    • I am a Virgo male and have a child with a Libra woman. It didn’t work out for us. We failed just as astrologists would have predicted. (It was actually after that relationship that I found astrology.) We were a textbook case.

      @ Tiffany Autumn Luna:

      Your write-up nearly brought tears to my eyes. What I read in your post seems spot on to me. If my ex could have acted as you do, perhaps we would have made it (13 years ago). Thanks for being the positive voice of hope!


  7. I’m a Libra woman happily married to a ♥Virgo♥ man. We’ve dated since very young teens. I was 13, him almost 18. We’ve gone through so much that in the end only made us so strong and our love unbreakable. ♥ Perfect couple, all Libra girl has to do is develop thick-skin to her precious Virgo man. I love him to death as he does to me. He listens to you, is mature, honest, cares about you, is tidy, intelligent, hard-working, loves you inside-out and not only for your looks like Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo and dumb Aries men. Even though is not as “romantic” (he IS once he opens his heart to you), he’s devoted, loyal and TRUE to you. He’s cold at first but he protects his heart because he’s an intelligent male, he’s WORTH it. He can be possessive but HOW can he not be? He knows how precious and charming his Libra lady is. ♥😉 But Libra girl will NEVER let him down. ♥ Life is MEANINGLESS without him. ♥ ♥ ♥ mwah ^3^

  8. The only people pleased with Libra/Virgo match will be a blind Virgo, or a Libra who has finally found easy prey. These two do not get along no matter what. It’s just a matter of time.

    • ♥ ♥ ♥ Virgo man’s PERFECT woman IS Libra woman. ♥ ♥ ♥ They’re perfect and happy couple, all Libra girl has to do is develop thick-skin to her Virgo man. Virgo man always dreamed about the perfect girl, that’s Libra, he can’t live without her and neither can she. ♥

  9. I want to know about virgo male and aries female successful couple n happy , is there anyone plz share , i m virgo male .

    • I’m a female Aries and my boyfriend is a Virgo. We are a happy couple and there has only been one fight and we have been together a while. And a few months before him I was in a happy relationship with another Virgo we worked out fine expect he had worked a lot and the first fight after a month and half he broke up with me. But truthfully Virgo and Aries couples work fine together most of the time that I have seen:)

    • Virgos and Aries do not get along at all. I was with an Aries man twice, had a child with him. We did not make it past 6 months. Virgos are over critical and Aries can not take much criticism.

  10. As a Scorpio female who is in love with a Virgo male I can honestly say he has the wondering eye. He will run after any female he deems attractive. I am hopelessly devoted to him. However, I know I deserve a man who can give me the same devotion.

    • I am a female Cap, in looooong term (approaching ten yrs) relationship w/ male Virgo. I can COMPLETELY relate to wht U’ve said here. We kno we deserve better but it’s so impossible whn our hearts r hopelessly w/ Virgos. I knew immediately tht monogamy was NOT wht he was going for so we hv an arrangement. I kid u not, even so, he cannot play by the ‘rules’; my levels of flexability/patience is high so I can be astounded whn I get caught off guard by his thoughts/actions w/ this wandering thing. I will say tht I do believe in us and tht we cld be ‘perfect’ for one another. We r coming to the end of term on this arrangement; he has some decisions to mk..hoping he chooses wisely lol…I kno in my heart of hearts tht his love for me is genuine and tht he can’t be without me. We’ve tried tht and I just can’t get rid of me, he kps coming bck. Pray tht we come to terms before all is lost for good. It requires a great deal of strength to ‘endure’ these Virgos but they r worth it. My grandmother, son, several cousins and many close friends surround me with their Virgoness and they r great ppl..diff relationships, I kno.

    • This is me right now… And probably forever. Please let me know how your relationship is right now.

      • do people REALLY think the month a person was born will dictate if they are a good match or not? ive dated several signs, had a libra cheat on me, and blame his “sign” for his “confusion”, had a taurus use me and date rape me, had a scorpio abuse me and run out on his son, and be a dead beat to our son (my only child)… and most recently, i dated a virgo, more head than heart, and VERY selfish, but of course points the finger at me, strung me along for over a year, and cheated on his gf to be with me, but once he left her, he continued to play games and bounce back and forth between her and i for a while, eventually claiming to want to work it out with me, how ever, finding reasons to not make it work out all the time, and not being willing to open up and not hide things, im also a virgo.

        in the end, i feel the signs dont make us who we are, or who we are meant for, or will get along with best.. a persons up bringing, and who they choose to be, says it all… Im always told, “virgos are clean freaks”… funny, cuz im a slob. and yea yea there are always those “exceptions” that dont “fit” into their sign due to the moons, and what not, but, in the end, we are who we are, not the month we are born in.

    • HY THERE , yeah i got the point you were mentioning , Being virgo i know how is your partner treating you , if he is chasing or running after any beautiful women , then its just because you are not loving him with appropriate amount , just love him and keep telling him how much you love him , show care to him , because virgo men can be handle only with showing love and affection . Best of luck for you relationship thankyou

  11. So i recently got out of a 2 year and a half relationship with a Pisces male . (Im a virgo woman). & it started off pretty well and ended off HORRIBLE. I can tell you definitely with you opposite sign, its ALL OR NOTHING. We were either sooooo in love, hugs kisses, passion, thoughtful messages, TO ignoring each other, low communication or non at all, bickering, arguing, and he always broke it off. We were on and off and i never ever once broke up with him. You can either get lala lovey dobey land or straight hell. He also cheated on me during my birthday month how about it! Then we stpped talking for a couple months (maybe 4 months). bam! He re enters my life again with one little message. Just as i was finally about to move on he eggs it on and comes back. So we date again (long distance this time), and then everything was fine untill a month later he decides to break up with me once again and this time im furious cause i couldvd been moved on and hes really not sure of what he wants and changes his mind alot. Its been 5 months since we talked. And hes gotta new girl (Aquarius) give me a break , that wont really last. Yup their “talking”. But the thing is, hes giving her the same unsurity he gave me and flirtd with other girls while still in a relationship . Anywho ive met this libra guy and we’ve been dating for three months now. At first i wasnt so sure about him or anything cause he talked to alotta girls (huge flirt) and was always the crowd pleaser.. While me being virgo was the quiet observer. Hes complained about me not talking as much as he does, but man how can i if he talks like the speed of light! Anyways the conversations are amazinh hes really open minded and optimistic. He says he loved me, then for a split second says “i mean it”. Ever since then hes gotten more possessive and jealous, but i lovr it cause im also really jealous. Im fallinb for him harder then i should. A true romantic and charmer (;

  12. I am a libra female and I have a huge crush on a virgo male; our communication is not a 100% there. We argue a lot and we’re both stubborn. I don’t know what to do; I really want him but I don’t want to cling and be up in his face; because Ipersonally don’t like that. I basically love him from a distance. ha! i just admitted that.. i never tell him how i truly feel. this is someone i’ve known from my childhood days and how i felt the very first day I saw him is how i feel now…. hopefully; we can get over our differences and be good friends because i don’t want him out of mylife….

    • jsut be up front with him im a virgo we dont like games he will tell you if your clingy or not

  13. Oh well, story of my life it evens feels like i’m cursed when it comes to relationships no sign understands me. I have dated a virgo man he was so rigid and too stiff
    I have a very bad experience with libras i no longer want anything to do with them, tried to make themselves clever on me but with me being so analytical noting every action they never went far with that.
    I hate Geminis female or male we just don’t click at all, shame and they thought they will manage to be in my good books could not keep up.
    Aries hummm not bad tried something, it was good but they have low self esteem. You have an extra job always reassuring them how important they are aaargh no, i can’t do that.
    Scorpio was my first love we clicked in every way and he gained my trust. Unfortunately he was full of himself he never thought i would one day say it’s over! And pretentious too.
    Taurus we were like “fuck you” i went left and he went right and that was it!
    Saggitarius i don’t know what happened there but it was also not bad it’s just that we were both stubborn and wanted to prove something on each other.
    Aquarius loves me worships me, i am his Queen and that’s what i want. Even though sometimes he can act reckless and lives only for the moment, never bothers to worry about tomorrow and that pisses me off . Besides being unlevelheaded, so far he is the best.
    The rest of the other signs i’m not interested and i don’t care if they exist or not when it comes to finding love.:-)

    • Amen my Virgo sister I too have been in a relationship with a male Aquarius for the past 2yrs and I must admit it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had he loves and worships me and I adore him… He’s a breath of fresh air….
      I also despise Gemini’s they are so
      twisted with split personalities😳😜
      The only other really good relationship I ever had was with a Virgo Male but we were too much alike it was like looking in the mirror and seeing the male version of myself and vice versa😝
      As for my Libra experience GREAT SEX!!! But not so good as something permanent he tried to be too clever and sneaky tried to hard to impress me with all his BS and lies I saw right through his not so clever smoke screen😏

  14. im a virgo female , I have been unlucky in love .Maybe if I channel my energy into a Taurus,cancer and Capricorn it will get better…But being with a scorpio was the longest ive had , he was always in the mood:-) but had the wandering eyes…:-(

    • Yeah me too scorpio was the longest i have ever had but i think i was in that relationship alone, he was too pretentious

  15. Well done m8 you have the whole calender year ahead keep going till u find the right one, let me know when u do please., you need another Virgo to match your skills and bedroom needs.

  16. I’m a Virgo and this was on point. I was married to a Pisces and had a three year relationship with another. I find them sweet, romantic and loving, but physically a bore. I then was in a five year relationship with a Taurus and the physical chemistry was spectacular, but intellectually not stimulating. I was with a Libra for a year and the sex was just dirty, but nothing other than that. I dated a Gemini and it has been the worst ever. Too much pressure to fulfill her neediness to jump into a commitment after only a month of meeting. Poor communication that has lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings and she always has to be right. I would be OK with that, if she was, but no, just always trying to out do me mentally that she doesn’t even pay attention when I do agree. I was dating a Capricorn and she thought she could be a player to me the coach. I’m still searching for the one that seems to have my chemical, mental and emotional attention.

    • maybe you should try another Virgo..

    • Yes indeed well said my Virgo Male counterpart #imavirgofemale with an insatiable thirst for sexual gratification and compatibility …. It’s hard out there for us coaches!! Ouch😜👍👍👍

  17. Could someone tell me long term between Pisces and Virgo. Advice for ice breakers?

  18. I think the best matches for Virgos is Capricorn…:-DDD
    My mom(virgo)and my dad(cappi) married over 24 years…
    and they dont really have passionate relationship but they are happy together…:-)))) mom is really patient…XD

  19. I’m a VIRGO FEMALE — I will never again date ARIES OR LEO MEN. They are weak when it comes to saying no to any temptation, gossipers, can’t manage $ for shit. Not reliable and a good partner for a responsible, no-nonsense taking Virgo woman. If you want to take care of a man or constantly be trying to get an ounce of trust materializing then date 1 of those 2 signs…..

    Stick to a cancer, taurus, cap or virgo man if you’re a virgo female. BELIEVE ME

    • Had a relationship for 5 years with a cancer man unstable moodswings all the time and his ascendant was taurus we had 0 communication plus nothing intellectual.
      He was lazy lack of motivation in every way and he was very submissive what made me find him less and less attractive i had to decide everything he could not manage money because he was a big spender and he was very stubborn + never wanted to try something new even not in the bedroom.
      They say saggitarius are cheaters but since i’m with a sagg my life has changed compared what i had with the cancer man opposite he’s ambitious a perfectionist like me always busy wants to try new things discover the world (travel) has dreams is optimistic what i really love ! believe me no cancerman because the are manipulaters and are insecure as hell!

  20. Capricorn/Virgo – I’m curious, because I’m a female Capricorn (Aquarius cusp), and recently I was pursued by a male Virgo… quite fervently. I mean, he met me and knew I was leaving the city for two months and still came to see me every possible chance he got in the two weeks before I left. He talks to me every day, and calls most days.

    I’m just curious about other people’s experiences with cap/virgo… because I’m fiercely attracted to him despite all his red flags- previous drug abuse, two kids, ex of 7 years who just just separated from 9 months ago and whatnot….

    But, well his ex was a Scorpio. She’ll be in his life for the rest of it since they have their kids. He’s told me many times that ‘before with girls he was just looking for sex and for some reason it’s different with me’, which is good and funny cause I’m a virgin and he’s not going to be getting any for a while. ANYWAYS– I’m intimidated that his ex was a scorpio, because I know how fierce they are. Does a ‘compatible capricorn’ have anything to offer that will ever outweigh scorpio passion? He says he likes me because I’m sweet and logical (LOL) anywho, I’m capricorn, so I don’t want to waste my time and I want to know if I should just drop this before I get back and get attached, or do I have a chance against a scorpio ex?
    -Capricorn who knows that capricorns are the boring signs.

    • I would develope a friendship with him first. Virgo’s love stimulation and attention. but not too clingy- Im a Virgo, and I dated a Cap for many years. Things can get a bit monotone, but a good solid friendship will carry you two through the tough times. Physical attraction can be steamy though…enjoy

  21. i am a Virgo man, with a Scorpio man, and by god… i’ve never connected so well with someone, but as stated above… Scorpios can be huge liars and cheats… he admits he likes to flirt with others, witch i don’t mind, as long as i’m kept in the loop and never lied too, but i can admit my paranoia has been getting the best of me… i’m not sure where to go from here, but it seems like no one can handle it… but this Scorpio man is the first one to openly accept that i fear almost everything, he talks to me about every little thing, and tries to repair it all within me, giving hope that this relationship will last for ages to come, i know if i can just trust him, everything will disappear, and our lives will continue to entangle one another into something beautiful. just not very reassuring seeing those last two comments… any way someone could help me deal with this paranoia?

    • Hey, I’m a scorpio woman nd from what I read it sounds like you know exactly how to get over your paranoia:) simply trust him boo. If we scorpios love someone we LOVE you just because ppl flirt means nothing, flirting is normal for ANY human. You flirt too you just don’t realize it because to you its not flirting, scorpio just happens to very open with what we do nd how we are, we tell you everything because you (the one we love) is the one we want to know our most secret nd intimate desires, so no one can stand between us nd most important so you never doubt our feelings or love for you… Just trust him and what he is telling and showing you. We hate for the one we love to not believe in us, doubt us or fear us… idk if I helped but I just had to comment, I thought there was no hope for scorpios and virgos because my ex gf who is a Virgo did me SO wrong, we had the same relationship here as yuu describe then one day she was gone nd I felt like it was my fault like I wasn’t good enough, like I made the biggest mistake in my life talkn to a Virgo but it was just that Virgo, you sound like awonderful person and like you really love nd care for your scorpio partner and at the end of the day thats ALL a scorpio wants. Your honest pure, loyal, trusting love… Cheat? On that? Were crazy but not that crazy:) lol blessings to you both!

      • Im a taurus man u ar talking nonsense n rubbish Miss scorpio flirt Is nothing to be an open Matter we here ar asian culture ok hve dignity u lame scorpio..coz if u want to be opened in any thing might as well u change ur name from jamilah to jamie or smething then u can be a eurasián or perhaps caucasian wee ..coz u scorpios doesnt know about moral or ethic n culture u only knw to be opened then nxt time u opened all ur shirts naked better then pple wont call u jamilah anymore they call u jamie.. hi jamie..LolZ ..haha..

    • Wow! This sounds just like me. Five months after getting out of a ten year relationship (my ex was cheating) I met someone. I’m a virgo and he’s a scorpio. If you can trust him then stay with him. Communication , trust and love are very important. I hope things work out for you.

  22. I am a scorpio woman and I just got out of a relationship with a Virgo woman and I think in some instances this ad is right but way off. Virgos try to make themselves sound perfect but to me they’re VERY nonchalant nd narcissist. Fake and they lie a lot. Virgos try to be so sneaky, smh, they are cheaters, they won’t tell if you won’t, thats how they are. I will never trust another, as loving and stuff as they seem to be I don’t see how we got matched up with them at all.. Who we are and how we like things and how they are DON’T Mix. I can’t be with a liar or nonchalant person, call a scorpio what yuu want but we are dedicated, loyal, and we love yuu crazy (Literally) Virgos try to be hard but they can’t handle us… I like their sweet sides but when they show the real them watch yourself… no more virgos for me, I like my freedom, jail is not where I wanna end up. Lol

    • I am a Virgo man, been married twice to a Leo woman, big mistake but I am humble and admit my mistakes, I am sensible, but can be crazy, my down fall I seek perfection as a builder, but not in a woman, but can be as hard as nails when called for. I am not perfect this I admit, for we not clones, that is what makes us new unique, our life is a learning process, for some as my self it can be hard, for others complete harmony, the stars are there to help those who need this, nonsense for some and help for others, that is our individuality, this not to say that different star signs cannot make a go of it. for there are always exceptions to the rule. If I give my love and respect there is no harm in expecting that in return.

      The light that resides in me greets you all.

    • Virgo are not liars nor sneaky! However our minds are always going and we analyze everything! We are the type to sit back and watch and we quickly see through the b.s.! We are also very affectionate and touchy feely ! Quick to cut people out if they do something shady! So something must have happened your not forthcoming about.

    • Let me clarify this miss scorpio i’m a virgo woman and i’m straight as hell and it depends on what moon sign you have and ascendant since my moon and ascendant are in saggitarius i’m very straightforward and maybe even sound rude to some people.

      And with cheating also depends on your sign scorpio can be very exciting and sexual but if you have other signs you can also be very boring your sun doesn’t always tell everything.

      So maybe this virgo you were with had her ascendant in leo or saggitarius those are the signs who love adventure and new things scorpio is really deep devotion and wants to spend their life with 1 person but can also be very difficult in relationships if you’re honest needy,like tension in their relationship and is also often the most missunderstood sign of the zodiac because you scorpio’s have such a deep ocean of emotions and feelings that is often intens for others not that that is wrong.

      My boyfriend is saggitarius with venus in scorpio and i’m venus in leo so we are a bit opposite but passionate.

      When it comes to moon and ascendant we fit also because of his sunsign i’m moon and ascendant in saggitarius he’s ascendant taurus and moon in cancer but he’s not to sensitive or stubborn he’s romantic very intellectual deeply and sensual and intens he’s dominant but doesn’t want to control me jealous but not to much.

      Just look at free astrological atlas where you can see your whole chart so you can understand eachothers nature better😀

  23. I’m a Virgo & my worse match is cancer. &The one I’m going to marry is a Capricorn! I always told myself that I’d never date this man. But it took time for us both to realize how compatible we are.

    • I am also a Virgo and my worst match is Cancer. The mood swings drive me up a wall!

  24. I’ve been in a few serious relationships. A Pisces (kind of immature at the time she was younger), Aquarius (I’m surprised I didn’t kill her lol… we just never worked doubt I would date another Aquarius) a Libra. Now the libra is my recent relationship. While we had good times there were things that became an issue over time. 1. Laziness. While she is organized and clean. She does became lazy and I felt like I was doing everything. Became feeling unappreciated.
    2. indecisiveness. This irks me every time. I don’t mind making decisions but to do it ever time gets annoying.
    3. Sense of reassurance. She would constantly want to hear me say things like “I Love You” “You are beautiful” and if I said it she wouldn’t belive me or felt that if I didn’t say it I didn’t mean it even if she actually knew I did.
    4. Lavish spending. I am the type of person who would like to save extra money for a “rainy day”. She would see an extra $100 in the bank and next day it would be spent. I would constantly have to over work myself to just make enough.
    5. Not being able to take criticism.
    These are a few main focuses that were big issues. Her and I are both separated at the moment but we keep constant contact due to our daughter. While I still care for her and Love her don’t know if her and I would work if gotten back together. We don’t really communicate and seems little things bother us. We can be good friends but to her who lives in a fairy tale fantasy world doesn’t want to be friends. At a point sex became plain as vanilla when wanting to be more exciting she didn’t want to. She has always had self esteem issues that were a problem because she is a very gorgeous girl and a loving girl. Just two different people.

    • I am a libra (oct.16) married to a virgo (sept16). Despites of our differences, we are really getting along well. Yes, i can be lazy but i make sure i make it up to him. He wakes up very early like 6am..and i will be in bed until 8am..he makes me breakfast because i’m too lazy to get up, but at lunch time i make sure i will do the cooking and make him feel special.. he still helps a little since he loves to be a part of something. He is perfectionist and critical.. but not the other virgo i fell in love before.. my husband never criticized me and makes me feel i am enough. I can be a spender but i make sure not to over do it and with personal stuffs i use my own money. He is too thrifty but i let him know sometimes it is okay to treat himself because he deserve it. We have constant communication, so we consult each other what is the best yet reasonable way in spending money. Virgoans are not expressive as they say, but my husbands are just comfortable in opening up to me emotionally because he knows he will never be judge by me. He is the best man i know.. the key to a good relationship is to compromise each differences, respect, support and communicate. Not all librans are the same. ♡♡♡ So for sure there are other libra-virgo couples that works out well.

  25. I am a 41yr old Virgo woman. I am married to a scorpio and they are the biggest liars and cheaters. I don’t know how in the world we are compatible . Scorpios I feel have addictive personalities and are very how can I say it Hmmm whinny. Virgo’s are not perfect but when in a relationship virgo will give her all until our heart is broken. And once that happens you can forget about it. We will not love you the same if at all.

    • I agree Scorpios are cheaters and liars. Do not trust them

    • I can feel you we love and we keep trying and trying untill our love is gone then we move on

  26. Hi, I am a proud female virgo, who has dated a few different signs. they say scorpios are great for us, but everyone I have dated did not work out..hmmn..Taurus are ok, cancer is ok, aquarius no way! stuck on themselves, and arrogant! aries, is very insecure and, sagg, ok but not great, Libra not for me, indecisive! i’m dating a Gemini now, so far so good! hope it works..I do find that I am picky when it comes to finding a good lover though, I get bored quick! lol

  27. Hey I’m a leo woman and I recently have a crush on a virgo man. He’s serious, educated, smart, very neat and organized. He’s not that good looking but he’s tall and somehow cute and charming. I think he likes me back but I’m not sure. We work together and he often asks me personal questions like if he’s trying to get to know me better, sometimes it makes me feel like I’m beeing tested (such as: r u married? Engaged? Single? He left you or you left him-and why? Who’s your favorite star? What kind of music do you listen to? You dn’t seem like a party girl? You think I’m a liar, that I lie to you; you’re short etc…). Anw he’s not straight forward and I don’t know wether he’s shy or just trying to confuse me. He criticises me and underestimate me sometimes and that buggs me a bit:P…
    I’ve had fiew experiences: capricorn (one sided love- from my side, he didn’t love me back:( so tiring but I respect him a lot!), sagittarious (sooo romantic and fun!!! But it was short- I left), scorpio (my ex-fiance and it was a vry very very bad experience for me!!- I left).
    I like this virgo guy.. so what do you think of such match? I am not that expert :S Thank You…:) Bless

  28. I’m a 40 year Libra female who is currently dating a 36 Virgo man. I swear this man is my Twinflame, but virgos definitely have insecurities that they have to deal with I have learned to deal with his insecurities and his criticisms do not get to me. You just have to learn how to deal with that person but I do agree that the most of what you said about Virgo. but I do disagree when you say that Libra is not a Virgo match.

    • I am a virgo male with a scorpio wife and i can tell you first hand, this article is dead on! If you give a virgo CONSTANT love and affection the sky is the limit. BUT….. Is has to be pure, quality love, you have to love yourself as well and have great self esteem, your virgo wants you to be more successful then him/her he wants nothing but the world for you, you must have awesome hygiene and take care of your body, if not, alot of problems will start to surface. If he is not satisfied or gets bored with the love making, he/she might start looking elsewhere…very important, they need wild, crazy, intense, fun, romantic, sincere coddling and love making. This is and should be a very important part of their relationship.

      • You are so on point…My Virgo is that ALLLLLLLLLLL the way!!!

  29. Hey, there’s any Virgo female’ve already married? what’s your husband sign? please give me a reply, thanks

    • I am a forty-something Virgo female and was married to a ARIES make…BAD IDEA! Aries men are jealous and very controlling. They are extremely needy because they lack trust and are cheaters.
      I am not remarried or even dating anyone but would love to have some idea of what male sign will work. I like strong alpha men who CAN take control when necessary but are able and willing to trust and want to discuss and share in making important decisions.

      Who is best? HELP!
      ocean city, MD

    • VIRGO woman married to LEO man married less than a year bad idea never again what was I thinking we have two different ideas of what marriage is and what the dos and don’t dos are when it comes to marriage I am upbeat and a people person he is not so he is very insecure it is extremely annoying and hard to deal with it’s like I can’t be myself if I want him to be happy

  30. I am a Virgo female in a 7 year relationship with an Aquarius male and I am often left wondering.. We’re the same age, and started dating in high school (if that makes the difference?) We have a love/hate relationship. We can fight, and quite often! But I cannot imagine life without him I do love him with my whole heart. I know he loves me as well. But man it’s a difficult relationship. We always fight over the same thing. I know he does love me but he’s not very expressive and I’m a helpless romantic and need to be kissed and touched and TOLD he loves me. Without me saying or asking it first. So I often feel unloved and neglected. But then I do wonder if like he says, I’m just exaggerating/being sensitive or over emotional. Then obviously me expressing my neediness and moaning in his ear all the time isn’t very attractive and only pushes him even further from me and I get even less from him making it worse for me again and so the cycle goes on.. But then I think, but I’m entitled to that, it’s not me, I give him all of that and more I shouldn’t buckle and settle for less, he should step up and stop being so selfish and give a little more of himself? SO I’m always on the fence? I think it’s a bit of both and I’m willing to back off a bit but he still doesn’t give any more than before and I lapse and we get in an argument again? He wants me to be more independent and not need him there. But why would he want that in the first place if he loves me so much and wants to be with me back??? I feel like that just creates ‘space’ and you will eventually drift apart? Can’t we just BOTH just be and stay close? Like 2 ppl in love? Maybe we are too different? But even when we do break up we both know we’ll always get back together we don’t want to let go and aren’t interested in anyone else. He has my heart regardless, and I know I’ll always have his. Ai… Relationships ey..

    • I am also in a relationship with an aquarius male. It is hard at times. I dont know what he thinks or how he feels. Makes me wonder. I also dont like the lies and sneaking around which I have been told is part of their nature. It makes my trust waiver. I hope this relationship can progress but I often wonder sometimes if I am setting myself up for failure. I was with a sagittarius for a very long time and it ended badly.

      • Im a Virgo Woman and I just divorced an Aquarius Man..If you meet an Aquarius run! Not compatible with virgos

      • Aquarius are not compatible with V irgos on any level! When they get angry they use the silent treatment which is not good for virgo! They are also selfish unlike the virgo which is willing to help! The attraction at first is great however once you truly get to know the Aquarius and start to analyze your relationship you will start to see flaws that you can’t deal with and will drive you bonkers! So no the relationship will not last!

  31. OK! I have read this Virgo blog many times and I finally decided to put my two cents worth in. I am a 63 year old female Virgo who still looks and acts much younger, and would like to comment on those men who have left replies about how they should be a “best” match for their Virgo woman. Us Virgos are extremely picky about sex partners and in my experience, if my partner does not deliver and make it “over the top,” then he’s out of the picture. My sister is a Virgo as well and I have to say that us Virgo females think alike on this subject. In a nutshell…if the sex isn’t incredibly fantastic for a Virgo female, then she will move on until she finds that special mate who can fill that void. It’s that simple. Sorry if I stepped on some toes, but us Virgo’s are quite blunt and to the point, especially as we get older.

    • Interesting lol.. What sign would you say was your best?

      • Scorpio , Cancer, Pieces

    • I am a Virgo female, you have pretty much summed up Virgos (females at least). We are picky, blunt, and to the point which gets better with age simply because we know what we want. Men should appreciate that, no guessing games. And a Virgo female will definitely move on if he’s not the total package that she is looking for in and or out of the bedroom.

    • You got it girl – under NO circumstances will I be with a man that can not deliver in bed.. and usually you can tell from his walk, his demeanor, and his kiss… I also agree the water signs are the best match in bed.. they can meet our intensity and passion.

  32. I’m a leo and I’ve been in a relationship with my virgo for almost a year now. We’ve been good friends for about 10 years however he’s 4 years younger than me and was really young when we met. Too young for me to even look his way on that level besides, I was married with a child. We hadn’t see each other in about 5 years and in that time I had another child with my now ex husband and a divorce. I was single for almost 3 years when he rescued me with his loving ways and I must say I love him and care about him so much. We don’t but heads and the only issue that we’ve had was his sons moms jealousy towards him being with me and not her (even though they were broken up for 5 years). I don’t step in when it comes to that because he handles it very well on his on besides I would never want to cause an issue for him seeing his child so I stay out of it, even went as far as deactiviating my facebook because she was stalking me even while blocked. He’s never just sat back and allowed anyone to disrespect me in anyway and I don’t have to say anything. I’m a natural leader but I love to sit back and let him take charge because I know he won’t stare me wrong he is my breath of fresh air. It feels good loving him with no filter because he loves me the same and in the beginning he did get distant but I knew that was only because he’s a perfectionist and he wanted to make sure he wasn’t falling to hard for the wrong one. I am independent however I let him know I need his support always and I include him on the decisions I have to make so that he knows, I need him. We feed off of each others loyalty and showcase it for others:-) I love him and I wouldn’t rather be with anyone else. I’ve been with a virgo before and he was wonderful to me, he just cheated and as a LEO that’s one things I can’t look pass I lose my mojo when I know my goods has been elsewhere.

  33. Hey, guys. I’m a 17 year-old Virgo female with an interest in an 18 year-old Aries male. I usually go for Aries guys (without knowing that they are one before, it just sort of happens) and they’re pretty much my favorite. I’ve never actually been in any kind of relationship with one before, though I would like to be with this one. I know horoscopes aren’t exactly a 100% accurate predictor of how a relationship will be, but I am scared to share myself with an Aries because of this and other sites saying that a Virgo-Aries relationship wouldn’t work. I’ve managed to mess up things with past Aries guys because I’m too distant and want to see if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone is in a Virgo-Aries relationship. Thank you!

    • Hello, I’m 16 with an older male Aries. Things are usually complicated for us, because he doesn’t really understand how I feel. He really is bossy, like he says I don’t really have a eye for clean, but I do his dishes for him:| he will point out flaws but expect you to do the same to him. But everyone is different so I guess I can only hope this helps:)

      • I am so late on this omg, but thank you for replying to my comment. Bossy, I kind of need because I’m pretty bossy myself haha. But hey, yes, everyone is different. Thank you. (:

    • I’m a 20 year old Virgo Sun male, with a lot of Libra elsewhere in my Natal Chart, such as my Moon and Mercury signs.
      My sister and step father are both Aries’. I don’t like them, I love them, but I don’t like them.
      And I’ve looked at it from dating an Aries’, and I don’t think it would work because they’re too damn selfish.

      • Wow, I am so late on this. Thank you for replying to my comment. Selfish, yep, that definitely ended up being the case. He was emotionally inept as well. Oh well.

    • I was in a 4 year relationship with an Aries male ( I’m a virgo female). It was great at first, communication was a little lacking but we were young. We started dating when I was 17 and he was 16. After about a year things started going south. Aries men are very possessive ( because their naturally protective) and insecure (though they hate to admit it) and require constant ego boosting much like leos and I don’t like having to constantly reassure people. I prefer more confident men. Aries bring excitement and passion to a relationship and they are very touchy Feely which is great for us. And as you said astrology is not an exact science and your own personalities play a huge part of whether it will work or not. If you’re up front and honest and learned the art of compromise you should be fine. An Aries/virgo relationship can definitely make it. And if a lot of people are saying otherwise then In true virgo nature you should be up to proving them all wrong ; ). If anyone can tame the wild ram we can. Good luck my fellow virgo!

  34. I find it interesting there isn’t anything on a Virgo/Gemini relationship. From experience (me being a Virgo male) Can say that my Gemini girlfriend is the best one i’ve EVER had. I’ll be 18 in September, while she’ll be 17 in May. I’m very critical, but she handles it veryyy well. The night we met I was being so rude, because I felt awkward and didn’t want to meet people, but when she responded right away with banter it caught my attention. I immediately asked for her number, a very bold statement for me. She is smart, outgoing, free spirited, charming, funny, intellectual, and GORGEOUS. Holy. I’m very insecure and when she flirts it makes me jealous, but that’s her nature. She doesn’t mean it. She brings fun to my life, and I stable her. We talk on the phone allll night about love, family, school, life, meaning. We’re very old school. She has perfect taste in music. Really nothing after the 90’s. Gemini’s will make you feel free and open up in ways you never knew you could. I’m so shy, but not with her. She does talk a lot, but if I ask her to quiet down a bit, she respects it. I don’t really believe that you’re solely your sign, but an individual. Although some characteristics ring true to an extent. Anyone who says they “hate” Gemini’s are wrong. You only dislike that certain person, for you haven’t met every Gemini. A relationship with them will be beautiful, if you can handle it. They are a beautiful, deep, complex mind. Get to know them. A relationship takes understanding and compromise even if its a “Match made in heaven.” I love my Gemini with all my heart, and will never let her go. They say to be loved is to be destroyed and to love is to destroy; That being said if you love someone that deeply its going to hurt. if it hurts you’re doing something right. You only need to know when to draw the line. She taught me that. Deep, I know. lol

    • I’m so glad you wrote this.
      I am a gemini female, in love with a virgo man. I have, literally, searched the internet for information on our signs as a couple and no one really points out that we’d be a good match. I read horrible things about my sign but, I’m none of those things. Maybe in my youth…I am now 38, have experienced a little life and my wild ways are slowly fleeting. I’m finding his practicality, patience and stability are things I admire most. I find that there are many things I can learn from him and need to learn from him. He grounds me. I’ve waited my entire life for a man like him and am so grateful he found me. Part of a successful relationship is learning to put someone elses needs above your own. Never in my life have I wanted to do that until I met him. In a nutshell, he makes me want to be a better person. And I love him for that. Good luck to you and your Gemini.

    • my best friend is a gemini and the relationship definately gets strronger with time! she sometimes annoys the shit out of me with the split personality and changing mind but you learn to look past it. Definately brings out a different side of me and i think virgo/gemini relationships either work very well or not at all

  35. Libra male with a virgo woman. It’s been 3 and a half years. We love and hate eachother. It’s that simple, fight hard love hard .
    She nit picks, nags, fights, snaps, picky, you name it, but me being a libra see the amazing care she gives me how much she loves me. How neat, clean and orderly she is. She’s a ride or die and so am I.
    We both say we never know if we really will end up together because of arguments. But the good times are so good and we have amazing sexual chemistry and we truly do complete each other and compliment well, but you just need to hit the virgo with some of that libra whit, intellect, and charm. She’ll love you. Don’t break her trust, she remembers everything and is super intuitive so just be good to her. She’ll yell one minute, and laugh the next. ♍️♎️

    • I am a female virgo and my boyfriend is a Libra, this is truly accurate and how our relationship is! You just summed it up perfectly!

      • It really is, we were best friends first, for a long time. Were u guys friends first?

    • My boyfriend is a libra man and I am a virgo woman and this sounds exactly like us . I never think we’re going to work hell I’m thinking it right now but this gives me some hope ! I just want him to realize that I’m not trying to control him I just do things for his best interest.


  37. I’m a Taurus and I’m highly interested in a Virgo I’ve been pursuing for 2½ years now. We tried dating twice and ended up not working out (that’s what she was saying). I know it can work, but she doesn’t want to commit to me maybe? I don’t know. I do a lot for her and wishing the best for her, but she always ends up dating some asshole. The last guy she dated (whom I helped kinda set her up with) had no job, car, motivation and self-esteem (didn’t find this all out until after the fact) and top it all off, he got her pregnant and she had to pay for the full amount of the abortion out of her pocket. She’s everything I want and swear by this. I’ve put so much time and energy into her, in a way it would feel like a waste if I gave up. What can I do to win her heart? She told me she won’t date me because she doesn’t like my energy. How do I know what my energy is and how do I change that? I apologize, I’m new at this.

    • I’m a Virgo Man who is being pursued by a Taurus female…So I understand how you feel.We are funny about who we like and why….seems like she’d rather have you as a friend. So stay true to the friendship side of the house and if she never recognizes you then move on..You’ll find we can be rather wishy washy and definitely evasive when we don’t want to be involved with whomever. But just like the Taurus women she is…she won’t stop coming at me till i give in….which may be never,, I wish you luck.

    • I am a female Virgo and from what it seems like, she probably is attracted to those assholes cause they leave her chasing them. It seems kind of weird, but if I liked a guy I’d eventually get tired and go to them. You’ve kind of put yourself into the friend zone is what I’m kind of sensing. Don’t be the shoulder for her to cry on, even if you do care for her, because she’ll only go to you for that reason. and that reason ONLY. Trust me, she will notice and sense that you tried your hardest for her. Depending on her traits, she will either notice/regret your efforts and come to you or just keep moving on. I’m not trying to put your hopes down, but in moderation Virgos do like a challenge. Also, keep in mind to not be so down all the time. Cheer up! Focus your energy towards positive things! Virgos can be very intuitive, she will sense it sooner or later. Positive energy attracts everyone! If she’s dating assholes and making mistakes, those were her decisions. Don’t be so hard on yourself, I know Taurus have big hearts but don’t try and force something. Things take time, let it flow whichever way.

    • I would say let her know how you truly feel as virgos like people who are straight forward and to the point. They also like excitement and a challenge.We get bored easily and love attention. So make sure you take her out wine and dine her and make her feel special but at the same time don’t loose your balls because if its one thine we don’t like is a man that’s too easy and down all the time.

    • Virgo knows who she is and what she wants. If she has not let you in yet, she is never going to let you in. Move on with your damn life.

  38. Aries- optimistic
    Taurus-bull headed
    Gemini-they go both ways even sexually
    Scorpio- manipulative
    Sagittarius- Free spirit

  39. I’m a 25 year old Virgo, and I was previously in a 2 year relationship with a Gemini. I must say from experience that Virgo’s and Gemini’s do not mix well in a relationship! I am very keen on being precise with most things in my life, and she was not. In my own opinion from my personal experience, Gemini’s are just all over the place with everything. They say that they want this, then turn around and say they want something else. Us Virgo’s do our best to stay on top of things in our life, but them Gemini’s are a mess! No offense to anybody, this is just my personal experience.

    • I am a 32 year old Virgo and married a Gemini. Now we are divorcing. Virgo and Gemini are one of the worst matches IMHO. As you said, Geminis will say I want this one minute, then change their mind 10 minutes later. They struggle with their “duality”, so not a good match for us Virgos, we prefer people that are stable, secure and “safe”. Geminis can turn their back on you and not think twice, in fact my wife cheated on me and tried to hide the affair despite the evidence, no signs of regret on her part.
      And yes, they are a mess, never know what they really want.
      If you are a Gemini and reading this, don’t be offended, not every person is the same, I am just describing my experience.

      If you are a Virgo don’t date Gemini!

      • then marry with pisces woman

      • Ugh virgos are SO FUCKING UPTIGHT. You could shove a 6 foot long xanax bar up their asses and theyd still be anal retentive

  40. Im a virgo, im dating a gemini.. we’ve been together for 1 year now and oh boy.. in that one year we’ve fought so much, broke up a few times but we always end up back together. My friends say that we bring out the best in each other and i bring stability to his life and he brings a little fun and excitement to mine. he complains though cause im double headed and always changing personalities and im very stubborn and love my own way and i complain cause he’s so friendly with everyone, not as loyal as i am (good thing im so manipulative GO virgo) overall i think we have a good thing going on and our sex life is great. P.S i think virgos and capricorns make boring relationships and have a dead sex life.Scorpio and virgos are good, my ex is a scorpio we were together for three years but i now hate how deep he was. nontheless i always end up with a gemini and i think im inlove with this one

  41. I really need some help. Im a 17 year old Virgo girl and im currently in a relationship with 20 year old Libra male. We have been together 6months now going on 7 next month. In the beginning of our relationship was wonderful but we also had some problems going on like other people trying to come between us. Lately we’ve been arguing, arguing & more arguing he seems to be the demanding one in this relationship but I don’t like it. He talks about me moving in soon, getting married and then having kids later on . I love him so dearly, other than the arguments he’s a very awesome guy to be around with I don’t want to loose him..

    I wonder if we are great for eachother? And if we are together in the future if anything will affect us? Please don’t judge me I just need some advice.

    • Hey you. Im a Virgo and when i turned 17 i dated a 19 year old Libra. At first everything was amazing between us. He was so charming and knew exactly what to say to make me happy. we went on for almost 6 months. And the only reason im replying to you is because i don’t want the same thing happen to you what happened to me.. so yeah he would tell me all these great things like.. MOVING in with him. marrying him.. having kids with him which would flatter every part of me. but it was all a lie. No offense to the Libras. but they can be full of shit. they are so good at lying. its pathetic.. But as we went on we started to argue alot. because he wasn’t the same as he was before. libras will do anything to win you once they do they just throw it out and don’t care about it like they did to win you. (however not all libras are like that but CAREFUL) and then i figured out he was cheating on me with his ex. They are very good at hiding things too. and becareful they are amazing in bed.. i know.. but use protection… PLEASE! that was the biggest mistake in my life. so yeah becareful. good luck:)

    • That’s a Libra for you! They are quick to jump into things because they don’t know how to be alone and they need attention 24/7. They will do anything to have someone with them. Libras are desperate for attention they do and say anything to have what they want. Just my thoughts on them.

      • I would have to say that is not true about me at all I’m a Libra woman and I enjoy being alone I know better not to jump into anything because I want something long lasting they say libras like to flirt while in a relationship and that’s not true about me at all I’m a perfectionist and I like everything to be exact and precise right now I’m goal oriented focusing on myself when I love I love so fiercly with fire and passion in my eyez I love a long term relationship I love balance and harmony but I also like the wild side of me not in a bad way but with someone whom I love that is me and I love bein a Libra

    • I am a 18 year old Virgo female dating a 20 year old Libra male. When we first started dating, I had an ex try and come between us. He was so sweet then. And is still sweet now. We were going through some fights but most of them I started.😄 I’m an over thinker, of course. He has talked about moving, getting married, and having kids. But nothing soon. Its been 8 months since we first started dating. I have known him though for 7 years before that.😛 Our fights never last long. And we get over whatever it is pretty fast. Not every Libra is the same. He’s very anti-cheating. He isn’t great at lying, so he doesn’t bother to do it. He compliments me a lot and always goes along with what I want. I’ve put him through hell and back and he still acts that way. Every Libra is different. My boyfriend is demanding too. But not a lot. He’s submissive too. Also, like one of the above people said, Libra’s are great with sex.😄 My advice would just to wait it out a bit longer. My Libra loves attention, and all that. But he doesn’t demand it. He doesn’t seek it out when he doesn’t need it. But he loves being around his family and friends. Admirable trait. I just say for you to see what else is going on. He could be acting out over something. And look at who starts the fights/arguments first.

  42. hey I’m a virgo woman and my lover is an aquarius.
    it’s not true that aquarius is the worst match for virgo, since we have a great relationship. If a virgo wants to do something, she/he will do it. Making your partner happy is not different.

    • I’m the other side the coin .. I’m a virgo male and with and Aquarius wife and we’re getting a divorce… chemistry at all.

    • There are some exceptions to the rules. There are those rare instances where the odds are overcome. In your instance having a great relationship with an Aquarius. My experience was hell. She was so unstable and was trying to be controlling. Wanting me to put friends and family after her. She was so self centered. I was a suckered for being a caring person. She was a broken person and I tried to help her. At the beginning we were good but after a while no communication, she was a partier and I am not she was so insecure it was annoying. Very materialistic. And dependant on me for everything. So there are few exceptions to everything

  43. I need advice. I am a pisces male who is in love with a virgo female. We are already friends. I want to know how do I tell her I like her because I am sorta nervous (don’t judge me). Help me Virgos!

    • hi I am a virgo woman, that has keep my love for my pisces friend to myself for awhile. If she feel anything like I do then you have hope . The problem is both signs are shy. So as hard as it is for you to tell her will be as hard for her to express her feeling back. But I am sure she feels the same as you. My pisces friend looks into my eyes everyday and I believe they say Iove you and even through I know he love me and I love him the fear of losing what we have now stop us from being real with each other. Tell her!!! I know I have been waiting to hear him say that to me. And I love him dearly/

    • Do it do it the worst that could happen is she’ll say lets remain friends. But hey I would do it and anytime is the right time so go for it. I’m a virgo women and we are a bit shy but easy to talk to I’m sure she would be flattered to know you like her! Good luck

    • Dont worry the opposite of virgo is pisces Is u..só dont worry the relationship will work..until married if
      Im not wrong..juz go with the flow n see whats the a taurus man peace yaw👌✌️

  44. what do you think about sag {female} and a virgo male compatibility? don’t judge my comment

  45. Iam a female virgo and married to Aquarius guy. we had 10 year of love relationship. Our marriage have 2 years and now i have virgo daughter.
    I felt it was really tuff time after my marriage. I dont believe in zodic sign but now our thinking are almost opposite so now i have started reading horoscope and others comment sothat i can make good understanding with him.

    our life is so challenging after marriage?
    how to improve our relationship as we fight daily.


    • read my reply.

  46. Virgo matches with Virgo, only when both have the same birth chart.
    They reflects each other.
    I’m a Virgo male and my crush is a Virgo female. Both of us are Libra ascending. Soon, I’m gonna propose her and update you guys the current status.
    Date of proposal, January 2015.
    All the best to me. ^_^

  47. i dont think so !!

  48. I’m a Virgo women and have had the best of experiences with cancer, Taurus, Capricorn and Scorpio men.
    Cancer – they are so caring, genuine and loving. but they tend to be stuck on past relationships. if there was someone before you they deeply love, even if they know it will never work out. I have dealt with plenty of cancer man and they all had the same problem. STUCK IN THE PASS. Taurus – they are kind of similar to cancer. but they have a problem of jealousy and what everybody thinks. Capricorn – I had a good relationship with them they faithful when they want to be but they can easily change/switch on you. Scorpio – right now I am dating a Scorpio man & I LOVE IT ! The relationship is SOOO INTENSE (IN A GOOD WAY) it gives me goose bumps. This is by far the best I ever had. The only problem that cease to exist for me is the way he dress, he has no style ! he dress like a bum off the street when he has no reason to! he doesn’t care about the way he looks and sometimes I feel like he’s holding back from me at times. Maybe I’m just picky.

  49. I am a leo women married to a virgo. We have been together 13 years. We bump heads hard and we are both stubborn but we cannot stay away from each other. He is so difficult and I know he would say the same about me but we are crazy about each other. Idk????

    • I def understand, the one time we did butt heads and claim we were going on a break, we were right back tecxting each other within hours and back together within 3 days. We can’t seem to stay away from each other

    • Leos and Virgos easily develop strong devotions to one another. Both signs value loyalty and trust, this strengthens that devotion. This couple rarely occurs because these two don’t haunt the same spaces very often. Leo likes to party, Virgo likes to reflect. However, when they do get together, it’s magic.

  50. Hi. I am a Virgo male. Oh boy. Where to start and where to end. I think there are two types of every sign. This is only logical solution. Bad and good kind of same sign. Or maybe it’s a one type of sign who grows into the person she or he becomes. It’s very tough. Perfection, imperfection. Hard working or lazy. It’s not exclusive. I think virgos have a hard time about them selfs. But hell yeah we can criticize but not only others but us as well. We are i think most self destructive force of all signs because of neediness for reaction, feedback. I have tried many sign except gemini, libra, scorpio, sagittarius and leo. I think that virgo need a very strong sign that is also loyal and loving but very powerful at the same time. Because virgo are in general are very loyal except for the dark virgo yeah the other part of virgo.
    Capricorn is very good mix for Virgo but it’s not 100 love. It’s more like respect. Aries are very srtong sign but Virgo can’t handle this sign. Pisces are also a good sign for virgo but pisces cant be lost at some point but very loving mix. Cancer is 50/50 and they are not more sensitive sign then Virgos this is such a bs. but they are tender indeed. I hate gemini even if i did not have any relationship with them. Talk about madness combo. My stepmom and even my sister are gemini. Don’t even want to go there. aquarius is also powerful sign but it doesnt work with virgo at all. I think that aquarius can criticize even more then virgo. The only sign that i am affraid of is scorpio and i dont know why but it’s like don’t talk just shut up show respect and get the hell out of there because you gonna be burn. And i still dont know why i think this about scorpio. I would like to try Leo because this is kind of power one Virgo needs. The tolerant Leo is one quality that virgo needs. I think Leos are real fighters in life general and they are not affraid of antyhing. But this i must say. When Virgo meets second Virgo. Time stops everywhere. I had two Virgos in my life and both of those was last ones. There are no more equal partner for Virgo then other Virgo. I would die for second Virgo even if it was not ment to be. I think this is soulmate for Virgo, the second Virgo but it cant last. Personally i can forgive and stop the fight but two virgos cant. I wish that Virgos could get along because the depth of this two together is so deep. And passion they share together is hah WOW not from this world. But the two of the same cant last long but is most magical period of my life and most painful. Everything else is not even in compare. I think that Virgo need some serious powerful sign. Not because Virgo cant be strong. yes we can. We can work as no other ever. but we can slip and fall so deep. thats why we need more powerful sign. the downfall of virgos are honesty, stubbornness, neediness, appetite for greatness, overanalyzing except for the dark sign. yeah there are liers, manipulative persons, cheaters etc. But i have followed two dark virgos thru my life and it’s intresting how they did break at the end, both of them. Wow talk about disaster. One was so in darkness that it was very scary. But he did get up and became a better person. Even the second one even he changed to a better person. But all of them share the same characteristic. Need for love. It’s so strange that both of them are my close friends. I would like to know why i am affraid of scorpio. Taurus is maybe the best combo for Virgo because thay can last a long time i think and there is planty of real love involved. But i like to believe that Virgos need a strong sign by their side so they can correct Virgos in their errors but at same time be supportive and loving.

    • Taurus Woman –
      OMG ! Yes! I feel more connected with Virgos they always seem to gravitate to me and chase me , but when I fall for them they always run away – My first lover was a Virgo male and it was the best feeling I have ever experience but sadly that only lasted for 6months due to him leaving countries and didn’t find someone till 6 years later , with a Cancerian Men and it lasted for 8 years till 2008 .Then met another Virgo in 2013 that made me feel equal and its always been a Virgo Male that has done this to me , but I say when it comes to the crunch they become pussies always cant seem to be strong enough for a strong Taurus woman , we Taureans are the most strongest , loyal and beautiful people in the Zodiac sign …

  51. I am a Gemini and find it interesting that I am not compatible nor incompatible with my husband who is a virgo. His demeaning behaviors drives me nuts, but my double sides drives him nuts at times. He always says.. oh boy the other twin is out, or things like wonder what twin you will be today! He lacks the “loyalty” that is said to come with a Virgo, his desire and passions are all self motivated, and he can be very manipulative and hurts others. Guess it all depends on, the person and not just the sign.

  52. people who believe in starsigns are stupid.

  53. I’m a virgo guy, dated a LEO gal for almost 4yrs bloody hell No comments at all, m left in a state wondering was it good or not?. to be honest they are everything what u dream off but just a little to much to handle for a poor virgo guy i guess. its amazing when u r wit them and those memories wil b all u left off with, and CAPRICORNS ” Never date one” Bloody boring to hell man!!!!!! best is a PISCES, still searching for one thou :-p

    • i got a same story here i had pisces gal as my first close friend and best one i can never forget her .. i had best time with her, then i came in contact with leo and capricorn, capricorn are real boring and about leo is exactly true what you said.

  54. im a virgo and my bf was a capricorn, and it was the worst relationship i ever had!!!!!!!! so they are not always right

    • I agree 1000%. I’m in a relationship with a male Capricorn and it’s the worst relationship I’ve ever experienced. He’s the biggest liar and an even bigger cheater. I’ve been with him for 7 long years and every time I try to leave, he finds a way to make me stay. I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. He’s too damn jealous.

      • Also in a relationship with a Virgo dude. I love him like its magic and I don’t just understand him. Had a relationship with a Libra man and he didn’t give me the attention I needed. And my Virgo man persuaded me to date him. And the day I spent the night with him we couldn’t have sex cuz am a virgin and am not ready for a that yet. And since then he has been cold to me. And I really love him. So I have decided that he’s gonna be my first. Hope I don’t regret it

      • Am a capricorn female. Also in a relationship with a Virgo dude. I love him like its magic and I don’t just understand him. Had a relationship with a Libra man and he didn’t give me the attention I needed. And my Virgo man persuaded me to date him. And the day I spent the night with him we couldn’t have sex cuz am a virgin and am not ready for that yet. And since then he has been cold to me. And I really love him. So I have decided that he’s gonna be my first. Dou I feel like he’s a cheat and a player. I hope I don’t regret it

  55. i was in a relationship with a Libra and yes it was horrible. One thing most Libras have that ticks Virgos off is their flightiness. Also, Pices guys tend to be flighty….and most virgos including myself cannot stand this! I was in a relationship with a Scorpio and they should be considered for a great relationship. The only problem is their intense passion which sometimes them gives them a lack of stabiltiy at times… Also, they are emotionally manipulative.

  56. I’m A Virgo Female and I Had A Taurus Man But, He Broke up with me because our Personalities weren’t the same and it pissed me off so much. What do I Do According to everything this says about Taurus and Virgos we are perfect for each other.

  57. I think some of y’all might have missed the statements! Virgo / Aquarius is 50/50 it may be spot on or it may be a total fiasco!!

    One thing NOT MENTIONED here is Virgo / Sagittarius… Virgo… AVOID this at all cost!!! You’re begging for hell fire and brimstone to rain down upon you!!! Hint – Their a Fire Sign!!!!!!!!!

    Another one that is missed is the Virgo / Virgo!!! This is INTENSE!!! So much so that it will fuel all your addictions!!! Careful though….It’s best to proceed with this one SLOW!!!! If you ever turn on one another… it will be the death of both of you! The attack comes mutually, quick and decisive! In the end… both Virgo’s regret what they have lost over the smallest moment in time… but both are so head strong to ever bow and give way to forgive and forget!!!

    The signs are spot on for the most part… If you have a relationship that exist outside of the “NORMS” then you need to look at their birthday! Are they or are they not closer to a compatible sign! The Virgos born early in the dates and towards the end of the dates; don’t usually carry on like a real Virgo!

    And to the girl that doesn’t date the compatible signs…. You shouldn’t feel bad about that…. That’s just perfect logic!!!!!!

    • I wish i would have read about compatable signs a long time ago. I am a virgo and was married to a sagittarius for 9 years and with him for 11 years. We split up almost 5 years now. In the beginning it was perfect. Never fought about anything. As time went on we brought out the worst in each other and was almost a day to day fight. Every holiday or special occasion or trying to go out to spend time together we would always fight. It was unbearable. lol

  58. I’m Virgo female, relationships with Aries and Libra men were horrible & painful. Never could get close to an Aquarian even tho my mom was Aquarian (never felt loved by her).
    I think when you find one that does work you need to look at Moon sign or Ascendant – they probably match or are compatable. Pisces was a good match till he left for other woman. Love of my life was another Virgo.

  59. the matches that are working can b a result of one or both of you being on a cusp. i know many people who are not their actual sign but rather their adjacent sign which can really complicate trying to understand astrology. i recommend assurence in your signs before following any advice on relationships from a computer blog lol, goodluck

  60. Not all Virgos are the annoying, fussy, nitpicking and critical people we made out to be. First time ive seen us accused of being lazy; since we such perfectionists. But you could be half right about Aquarius. Had 6 wonderful years with one before it fell apart. But think that had more to do with his ego being bruised than anything else.

  61. Being a male Virgo, is not an easy life, always expecting perfection, I was married to a Leo, that was okay for 22 years, but I guess I finally got to her…LOL. Then I remarried a Pisces, which was also very tiring, ended up in jail for a couple of weeks, because we were arguing. Never a hand layed on each other, but she was crazy enough to dial 911. She had a bad fall and ended up with a Severe Brain Injury, if that did not happen, I would probably be long gone. But I take my vows seriously and even now that she under my care and has many issues that are overlapped with the common afflictions, I understand that she is frustratied with the things she can’t do, simple things, like going for a walk, cleaning dishs because of her now limited eyesight…….Shopping is an adventure, she loves it but can’t remember where the items are she is looking for. I lightly tease her, but it is something I have to do, to get her to be more independent. Once she went to customer service to tell them that I was lost. It as been something that makes this marriage work. We must work a little harder, and we have a great doctor here and he is very passionate about other’s. He say’s to me that if I not insisted on getting her out of the care facility it would had a long life in a facility that just keeps you on narcotics for the rest of your life. We now have a very strong relationship that is built on love, empathy and devotion. One that will purely last.

  62. My BEST one is ma present boyfriend who is a virgo ..n yeah pretty hard to understand but not impossible .. If there’s love n respect for eachother things might change …. your worst can become your best just need to have a bit of paitence in relationships with virgos..its ma point of view… VIRGOS are perfectionist they think they r perfect n so they want everything perfect.. may be its hard to be in a relation with them but as i told love n respect plays a very big role in relationships between virgo n libra…. me myself is a libra… n i’m truly glad to have a boyfriend like him….:)

    • superb…even i am in lv with a he doesn’t understand my point of view. hw should i make things work..i m a libran.

  63. What about Scorpios? x-x…everything is amazing with Virgo and Scorpio, just depends on what they think of eachother and being honest with eachother…

  64. I’m a virgo male and the descriptor “critic” does not accurately explain my rationale or motives. What can be perceived as me being critical is that I tend to polish or want to make perfect a person or a thing. I don’t wish to do so in a offensive manner or to hurt the other person however it is in my mind that I am helping or repairing defects so to speak. Perhaps this is my folly. Sorry that we come off as “fussy” and “nit picky”. For some of us, its not our intent. Whats funny is that I work with an older Virgo male and I think he is a complete and total a** for being Mr. Perfection and super critical of everyone else. Ha ha ha ha.

    I do find that I get along really well with Capricorns, Cancers, and Pisces. I’m a huge fan of pisces women because they can pull me apart psychologically and I feel at home with them in so much as being able to let my guard down. Have dated Aries and Libra. Aries is very much a “no go” for me. Libra’s are my kryptonite for some reason. The only girls I’ve fallen extremely hard for are libra’s.

    My 2 cents

  65. My ex was a scorpio and it was a very good relationship but decided to stay friends cause we have more fun like that

  66. think you should have put Virgo and Gemini its a clear match

  67. I am a Sag and dated a Virgo and most of my family members are Virgos. First let me say a lot of how signs develop also has to do with there social environment. My ex was Virgo, I’ve dated, Pieces , Aires and Taurus. I settled down with a Capricorn been with him nine years now, best relationship ever.
    Back to Virgo, my ex was a great friend he was fun to hang out with. Very supportive, everything me as a friend and everything him as a friend worked. Once he began dating he was the worst, he was lazy, became boring and the worst in bed I have experienced. He lied a lot, never followed through with what he said he would do…. It basically did not work out between us cuz he was so selfish.
    My cousin who is a female was somewhat opposite from him, in fact they couldn’t stand each other because he lied so much.
    Now my cousin, we grew up together , very close like sisters. But she’s very jealous, with whom ever she loves whether it’s family or partner she does not like others to over take what she feels belongs to her. She’s is very dramatic and causes drama and she will do it if she has to manipulate a situation. She is a big lier if it will get her , her way she will lie like its no ones business. Very in to money and materialistic things , she’s also very generous with her money, if she has and you don’t she doesn’t mind sharing it. She is known for cheating on her Scorpio in fact they are always clashing bumping heads all the time. She admits she stays cuz he is well off financially, but she’s also very independent as well as dependent.
    She is possessive and very envious of others if they have better anything she becomes envious, even of relationships of others to the point were she will literally sabotage someone else’s relationship.
    Because of all this me and her no longer are on speaking terms because she is too drama oriented and I hate it big time. My husband who is a Cap can’t stand the sight of her because she tried her hardest out of jealousy to break us apart. When she saw it get seriouse between be and him she became paranoid. So that is my experience with Virgos.
    I believe not all Virgos are the same. My son is a Virgo and he is the smartest , outgoing, none judgemental man. He’s caring, considerate and funny. But like I said before there are different kinds of people in all signs. My son has a lot of qualities mr and his father have. He’s honest, he’s very loyal he’s an all around man and he’s very affectionate and shows his emotions, however that is something I had to encourage him to do because he , even when upset would always tell me he was alright. And I always encourage him to be expressive of his emotions that there was nothing wrong with that. So like I said it all depends some qualities have to be brought out as others corrected. But all three of my boys are over good man, they signs Virgo, Aires and Aqua and it was a battle with them because they all have strong personalities all are Alfa males and all tried to out shine one another, very competitive amongst each other. And there is nothing with competition as long as it is healthy. That’s a lesson they all had to learn. Because of this as well I equally have them all the same amount of attention because if not it would be a problem, encouraged them all in what ever they wanted to do. My point is not all the negatives of some signs area a problem because it can be disencouraged, not changed because I don’t believe in changing anyone, you can improved and taught how to use positively.
    So just wanted to put that out there.

  68. Well I’m a Virgo female and dated a Scorpio and I could not read him at all…Scorpios tend to be total players and they tend to hide their feelings…not a good match for a Virgo.

  69. i am a female virgo very typical to my star sing…my horoscopes are always pretty much spot on…i was in a two and a half year relationship with a libra and we totally brought out the worst in each other but at the same time got on really well although i will be avoiding them in the future

  70. I am a Virgo man and have had lots of relationships. I totally agree with the matches and mismatches. I didn’t believe in astrology one bit. However as i got older i realized that I am my own worst critic. I am a clean and neat freak and I guess being born in the year of the dog I am a servant to the right woman. I am a workaholic and I am a perfectionist to the point where I have to say,”okay Kevin you can’t make this piece of music any better or this meal any more extravagant than it already is.” God help me. Got married and got divorced because I was doing everything. Won’t get married again but do have lots of friends but too chicken to let them touch me. Maybe us Virgos are nuts?? Who knows. Anyhow it was interesting to see what other people wrote.

  71. I’ve been with a gemini ex BF and it is really worst.. You wouldn’t like it..

  72. I am virgo female and my boyfriend ws a sagittarians, we really enjoy our relationship very well.

    and i am glad to say that sagittarius male are very caring, loving and straight forward:)

  73. i was in a relationship wtih a virgo too and i can say it was a very great relationship in the beginning. we both agreed on a lot of things, both very similar and we shared the same interests. yea we fought a lot but we always found a way to each other. i was with him for almost 1 year and 3 months but i ended up finding out that he cheated on me. it was sad but in time i realize that they do critise when they are not happy, more concern about how they feel and such. but virgos i believe are great lovers for capricorns and if i were to chose i deff would go for a virgo again because they are extremely hilarious and with the right person, fun ti put up with. my opinion though:)



    • I am a female Virgo and I play it off so well that I don’t, but Cancer men are who I fall for the hardest…ugh storytellers they are though.

  75. How about libra and taurus?? I’m a libra female, my fave sign is actually virgo and i think i might be a virgo ascendant or leo ascendant depending on my time of birth. I’m in a relationship with a taurus man and i agree with the big-heartedness cos hes amazing..❤❤ i don't think signs are all you need to predict how well a relationship is going to work out. There's more to a relationship than someone's sun sign. .so those who take it so seriously chill out..

  76. After reading all of the comments those of us interested in posting and following this should know that dating a virgo can be like driving in a nail with no hammer…
    To warn those of you light readers, this will be very long and get into the depth of what makes a Virgo, a Virgo. What they expect and how you can expect to give it to them, or rather, let them give it to you, so that you can give it back and them, they may perfect it, so that you in turn may give it to them again…:-)

    I am a virgo male and sometimes find that my love life can be tough. Usually it is not because it has to be, on the contrary, it is the opposite of that. When Balance and harmony present a constant, an infliction seems to appear. Being focused on such small details may turn a crack into a canyon…
    To explain this, I refer to my first love; a Sagittarius. What a wonderfully creative individual! Free spirit, love for art, music, and good times. For the first three months everything was in perfect harmony. That’s where I step in. Minute details of everyday life seemed to be quite overwhelming… Small things that aren’t of bother. i.e. “Sweetheart would you pick up some milk on your way home from work? (Anyone who truly knows, or is, a Sagittarius should know that they have an amazing capability to love! Exploration and freedom, to do so is a must! They will take you beyond reality into their perception of bliss and beyond our realms. Fire at heart, yet grounded at the core, truly wonderful souls.) Having stated the above, one may also understand that with this constant need for freedom and exploration, a Sag can become easily swayed or convinced/persuaded on a path to a new journey. Forgetting completly about the above mentioned milk reference. (For those of you sagittarius’s reading this congratulations for making it this far, keep the milk in mind, I know you’ve forgotten it by now… you’re doing great!) With the virgo at home and the Sagittarius roaming free, this will cause quite a large issue! The virgo waits impatiently on the non existent milk, stressing over the fact that the soufflé of perfection won’t be ready in time for dinner if that milk doesn’t come soon, if dinner isn’t ready on time we will miss the movie, if we miss the movie we will need a new plan! A new plan will take time to come up with! I need to fix the leaky shower tomorrow, and if I don’t have the time to finish dinner I won’t have the time to finish the date, the evening will be ruined, the shower will have to wait until next week when I have time, and my year will be shot to hell! As the Sagittarius walks blindly through the door the Virgo partner will wait patiently for the milk because god help you if you didn’t get it, and once presented with the half gallon of milk the the Sagittarius partner brings, the Virgo’s fuze blows from all of the stress because of the gallon needed by the recipe and a complete catastrophic Virgo mess is born.

    Virgo’s value harmony, love, honesty, and trust. They’re always looking to fix something: small details have a way of nagging us to the extreme, it something doesn’t seem right we won’t rest until we feel that it has been made right even if nothing was wrong to began with. Truly perfectionists at heart we cling to analyze and dissect even the most trivial of things, in turn turning nothing into something. I a very strange way, this is our way of showing the other person that we care. As a Virgo we long for the perfect mate, the perfect companion. As humans we all know the true perfection does not exist. As Virgo’s we’re even more in tune to this fact and are willing to start the repairs wherever they are needed. Always having the perfect tool in hand we may often seem to be; uncaring, selfish, prude, stubborn, uninvolved, introverted, shy, busy, bossy, critical, or even angry. Even on a virgo’s most relaxed day, which can consist of being super lazy, we are still very high strung. The reason for our laziness stems from our need to be recognized for all of the hard work and effort that we put in to every task that we do. There is no job that a Virgo won’t take seriously, if there is a structure to follow we will follow it to the “T” and make sure that every “i” is in turn dotted as well. A great way to send a virgo in to shock or hiding is to tell them that you don’t care, or that the job was done just ok. The constant need for approval and comfort for those around us is why we are so focused on all of the small details. If someone tell us that the job was done above standard, and they are completely amazed that something was done so properly, the response that you can expect out of a virgo would be similar to if not exactly; “I didn’t have enough time to finish the edges, and if you look closely you may notice, etc…” A compliment to us although greatly appreciated and valued is just another thing to improve on. as lovers we take this attitude and put it in to our partner. Most people that Virgo’s are with can’t take the constant conflicted mind of the virgin, in turn they flee the nest, confused as hell, never again able to figure out what was so wrong with them. (I went in happy and came out a confused mess is something to be expected from an ex virgo’s lover) What we are truly trying to show with this behavior, is that we care so much about you that we want you to be perfect just as we try to make ourselves perfect.

    A virgo is not one to ever relax, our minds never stop thinking, and you may find us doing many hours of research on something that is irrelevant to us. All in all we have a strong desire to please, being a mutable sign we are constantly changing and ruled by Mercury our drive for knowledge may seem endless. When a virgo can truly feel comfortable with the one that they love they will serve them, and only them until death making even that moment special and practical to those important.

    Finances are another major stress point in a virgo’s life, instead of looking at the budget for the month they may analyze the budget for the next ten years and construct a carefully written plan to make it work. if something comes up an unplanned expense this can send a virgo into a tragic state of panic knowing that they will have to make changes to all 10 years of the budget…

    To sum it up we tend to create a lot more stress for ourselves then is needed and seem to never let anything go. overanalyze every detail again and again and won’t rest until we get the job done.
    As lovers once truly appreciated for all of our effort and hard work, we will give everything that we have to please and go beyond that! In bed we can be amazing lovers and I haven’t met a virgo yet who doesn’t have some really kinky idea about sex that they are shy to admit out of shame. A virgo is a good lover with a really big heart if you treat them right and assure them that everything is ok, constantly remind them that they are needed and appreciated, give them extreme about of affection and love, give in to our arguments, (because we will remember every detail with perfect precision. Warriors at heart, we won’t back down and will shut down and not listen if another continues. This may lead to a year long fight which won’t end even if the relationship does…) then you will have a perfect relationship in their eyes. They will give to you your every need and present it perfectly on a silver platter.

    Best match I have ever had has so far been an Aquarius. 4 years having just ended not long ago over cheating,😦 not on my side, it was truly the closest thing I’ve had to perfection yet. The chase in it’s self and constant battle for expression was amazing! You Aquarians truly know how to reach a deeper level of spirituality and faith, and can be quite exciting in the sack! one thing you need to do, learn to loosen up, making love is a beautiful thing not a requirement of self worth. And yes you’re all beautiful and have perfect bodies don’t be afraid to unbutton your shirt once in a while and be free!

    Thanks for reading all…

  77. what about Virgo and Cancer? wasn’t that supposed to be the ideal match? I was with a Scorpio for 5 years and she drove me nuts!

  78. My brother is a Libra married to a virgo and they get along very well and they have a spoiled little Pisces girl.

  79. I am a Virgo and my boyfriend is a Aries. We love each other a lot and we’re considering getting married. But I have to disagree with Pisces though. My boyfriend before my Aries boyfriend was a total ass. We only dated for about a month and he forgot about me and got together with another girl while we were dating. So yes to Aries and no to Pisces.

  80. what a spot on analysis of VIrgos – my sign! i’m certainly a perfectionist, critical of myself & others, require affection and an avid truth seeker!

    i adore pisces, they are my match made in heaven! same with taurus’ {my current boyfriend is a taurus and it has been the easiest relationship i’ve ever been in}.

    although i don’t care much for aries and libra’s are just a bit too spacey for my taste, i have found my ABSOLUTE WORSE MATCH IS GEMINI. i will never, ever, ever get romantically involved with that sign again. once was more than enuff. on the surface they are great, but i found them to be selfish beasts underneath it all. not for me!

    thanks for such an interesting read!

  81. I’m a virgo man in love with a pisces woman.The relationship is four and half years now,we’ve had our tough moments……….opposing decisions most times,but we are getting married soon cos the love is so strong.

  82. Sure is true.

  83. This is not accurate because, Virgos and Pieses, are not compatible, and we are not compatible with geminis either..we fit better with carpricorns, taurus, and scorpios..

    • Scorpio? No way. They lack loyalty and if they’re hungry they’ll sell you for $5. They talk alot of lies about how “important” and “true” and “tough” they are. But in reality they are people who are always looking to trade up, and think nothing of telling your business to half the world, regardless of who gets hurt.

  84. I don’t agree being in a so called “worst relationship” with Virgo! I am an Aries girl and I am in a committed relationship with this Virgo guy for more then a decades now!! We fall in love when we were 13 and we are still falling in love with each other every time we see each other….:D VIRGO is a perfect match for ARIES❤ Virgo guys are so hot and irresistible!

  85. oh…..I can’t stand Aquarius, they are very unstable and emotional detached!!
    Love Cancer male, so much affection, romanticism and unpredictable nature bring full of charm. But, he is very insecure, and secretive once in awhile. Virgo loves Cancer male…that is for sure..They can be also good friends and colleagues.

    Virgo also goes well with pisces men who are emotional and romantic because Virgo wants to be a hero to save those emotional people.

  86. omg, this is creepy to me sometimes, on how much it describes me in so many ways. I love horoscopes and this page describes in one of the best ways that any others do. I love it.

  87. pretty good matches. My favorite match has been with a aquarian man though. Capricorns love em! Gemini short and sweet but still love em to death lol. Leos love their sense of humor. Taurus too stubborn and inflexible. Pisces either hell or heaven lol. Aries too self centered & insensitive. Like libras.

  88. I agree. I am a Virgo and My dad is Aquarius and we have never had a good relationship. My daughter is Capricorn and we always want to be together.

  89. I have a Capricorn brother, want to give him a black eye, capricorns are for someone else wanted to slice a pisces neck

  90. i was with a leo VERY selfish, arrogant, and tired in bed. Led me to cheat, DONT ever want one of those again

    • You cheated because you wanted to, Leo’s will do whatever to please you if you tell them you are not happy with what they are doing. You cheated because you couldn’t be honest and up front now as far as being selfish, Leo’s are far from selfish however if you make them feel like you’re using them they will shut down on the generousity. Arrogant, maybe tired in bed NOWAY but I have heard that about some Leo’s maybe it was just you. I was tired in bed with my Tauras but not my Virgo I’ll tell you that much. The fact that you cheated and can say they drove you to cheat only makes me wonder who was the real issue here the Leo or you.

  91. Virgo with a Cancer rising here and my man is a Cancer with Virgo rising so after understanding the mood swings of this man, I want him even more cuz when he’s sweet, its sooo sweet! Plus, he’s like a project to me. I like to find out how he ticks and everyday is never boring unless I piss him off!

  92. i m a virgo male, it seems libra woman hv a secret desire of hving sex too much.. which comforts virgo’s desire for sex

  93. This page about about Capricorn guy w/ Virgo girl is soo true !!! I’m capricorn guy getting along really good w/ this virgo girl..just a conversation w/ each other on our online class spark getting know other more by the time and we tell talking and make her laugh every second and minute ! She also really attractive and cute !!

  94. you got that right Virgo and Aquarius is one of the worst matches unfortunately I m a Virgo and married to an Aquarius and it’s hell between the 2 of us we always fight if not arguing we are always in each others throats what can I say i m not going to deny it i m lazy and he is to neat and picky. And also want to bring to your attention that Aquarius are nice and caring but they always try to make themselves feel better over the back of the other person and also think they are always right which definitely not working with me and will not. Not to mention that my mom is an Aquarius. Imagine the hell I was in and I m still live in.

  95. ၾI had relationship with Aquarius, Pisces and leo. I am so picky and can’t stand when it comes to cheating and lying.
    I have an extreme difficulty to find someone that I truly love and enjoy. My love does not last long as soon as I start to see dishonesty from my partner.

  96. I dont think Virgos are lazy AT ALL!! I would say they are the hardest working sign i can think of alot of this can be attributed to the personality. I’m a taurus woman and I’m dating a Virgo who is amazing!!! My mom’s a virgo so I think that has something to do with my level of tolerance.

  97. my ex is a virgo- im a leo. and i hav been to hell and back with this virgo!! nick picker, fussy, unpredictable, critism un has screwed my head up!!! oh un very lazy too!!!

    • Are u Male or Female? If u dnt mind me asking that is. I’m a virgo female and all of the Leo guys I’ve met are pussies! I thought this was a dominant sign but the only dominant Leo I know is my mom. I mean they were good men and took care of home and all but I was able to walk all over them! It sucked! You sound like my ex leo if I could imagine what he’d say about me, except the lazy part. Personally I dnt thnk Leo & Virgo match. Virgo & Aries on the other hand are like….floating in paradise! I thought this was the best sex match ever until I met another Virgo. Virgo on Virgo is a match made in heaven.

      • You can say that again I can’t stand Leos they are so stuck on themselves,self-ccentered assholes that don’t care about anyone but themselves. They also love talking down on people and criticize way to much. Leos men are to over confident for nothing they just act dominant as a cover up because their actually screw ups.

      • It’s less likely that you were walking all over them and more likely that they were not impressed enough by you to keep you in their lives. Leos are proud and if you are looking to them like “What’s so great about you?” He will walk away thinking “With that attitude, I don’t have to let you know my greatness. Yuck.”
        Leos need admiration first. They won’t open up to you first. Virgos are wait-and-see-ers too, so sometimes this causes a break in communication.

    • My current boyfriend is a virgo who was married to a leo (virgo man, leo woman) and it was the same thing with them.

    • not all signs act exactly the same as another. You talk so bad about this Virgo as if all Virgos act the same….well I’ve got some very important news for you…THEY DON’T. Maybe you just entered an immature relationship because you decided to just jump in instead of evaluating the person as a whole and getting to know them better before deciding to be with them. Just because of one rotten egg don’t make all Virgos out to be bad people. Many of us are intelligent , kind-hearted , smart , HARD WORKING! , loyal , and nice people but you bash the name Virgo making people see us as a bad influence as if all Virgos will be that way.

    • LMAO. My sister is a Leo. I am a virgo male. We get along great. Best advice I can give you b/c I know leo well… STOP TRYING TO RULE HIM. Think of virgo as one of those cats who hates to be held. You will INSIST on trying to do it and you will get scratched every time.

      You want to own a virgo, put the VJ on hold and he will come running.
      If you starve him of physical affection he will do whatever you want to get it back. This is ONLY if he’s in love w/ you.

      Ladies, curious if your virgo man is in love? Deprive him of the physical. If he hounds you, he is in love. don’t mistake it for horny. He’s in love. If he doesn’t do anything, then he’s not in love and most likely taking care of the problem elsewhere.

      If we love a woman we seek her intimacy and approval. If we are annoyed we will hold out until time stops.

  98. “Libra Completely unable to take your criticism”

    My ex-best friend could not at all!

    “Aquarius Both wrong and right, but if it’s wrong you both will be at each other’s throats”

    My last relationship was with an Aqua…and he annoyed the shit out of me!

  99. I am a female virgo and I’m in a relationship with a male libra and I think it’s great! We shouldn’t always look to the stars for our soulmate it just happens! Yes we approach things differntly but that’s what keeps things exciting! We’ve been together for 4 years and I couln’t imagine a life without him!

  100. I’ll put it to you all this way…
    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett (Libra Man, Virgo Woman)

    Signs do matter, but when it comes to love…many things can change how you feel. I had a horrible relationship with a Capricorn, an excellent relationship with a Scorpio, and an extremely productive relationship with an Aries, that I’m still in actually, after 3 years. It all matters about what you can and cannot put up with. Do you love that person or not?

    Plain and Simple:)

  101. I am a Virgo and had a hell of a relation with an Aries! It’s totally right to say that they don’t match!

    • Oh gosh , same here… I fell in love with an Aries and our relationship went downhill from there. The only reason it lasted 10months was because I was trying to make it work…he on the other hand didn’t do much to keep the relationship alive…They are very passionate lovers though and great kissers ;D lol

  102. so true! im a sagittarius female and my mom’s a virgo, and we DON’T get along. she’s always on my case on everything. she’s a neat freak, criticises me all the time, and seems to always compare me to others.

  103. libra can be a match for virgo. i’m a virgo female and one of my best relationship was with a libra. we had few fights and we agreed most of the time. the libra also wants perfection and that made us a almost perfect match.😉


    • I am in the same boat. That’s what brought me here. She is amazing but I fear the casual nature of their love area. They can be intimate and have zero feelings for you.. that’s risky brother.

      • Thats true about them aquarius chicks

  105. yes How you can say libra is not good for Virgo..iam virgo female and my fiunce is libra …he used to accept my all views and criticism….and libra

  106. I agree that virgo and libra dont belong together but a libra’s sex skills drives me

    • ♥ ♥ ♥ Libra IS the perfect woman for Virgo man. They do belong together and we’re made for each other. ♥ ♥ ♥

  107. tell sumthinnabout virgo nd gemini also

    • Virgos and gemini dont mix..virgos are realistic in nature,,while the gemini..has a wondering mind..they are not honest enough for us virogs..

    • virgo and gemini’s DO NOT MIX. {but i’m not sure who work’s for gemini’s} i speak from the personal experience and the experience of other virgo {and non-virgo} friends.

      i think virgo & gemini’s work best when the relationship is shallow…because a virgo will be very disappointed if they go any deeper than scratching the surface with a gemini.

    • I am a virgo male. STAY AWAY FROM GEMINI. Trust me on this. They are way too light hearted about serious relationships. If you want someone to give the same slice of pie you’re getting to EVERYONE ELSE, then date a Gemini. Too social, and frankly way too friendly and flirty to other men. They don’t understand loyalty at all.

      • and yes she cheated… ALOT. one time at a concert she ditched me and I found her making out w some guy.. AVOID!!!!!

  108. what about scorpios

    • I’m a scorpio with a virgo and he gets on my nerves.

      • Then LET THE VULNERABLE VIRGO GO because you obviously DON’T deserve him, give him to a Libra female who will treat him right, appreciate what you never will, and love him unconditionally like NO OTHER female zodiac sign ever could NOR will.

        • LOL! Okay…..

  109. I feel the ‘worst relationship matches’ section is completely spot on! I am a Virgo female and have been in relationships with Aries, Libra & Aquarius and they all ended in disaster!! I have learnt to stick with my fellow earth signs as they understand me !!! Oh and also my opposite, Pisces, we have a lot to learn form eachother!! Everyday is definitley intresting with your opposite sign.

  110. I am a libra female and I was married to a virgo man for 13 years. We were divorced. Three years after the divorce we were still involved with each other, we were still love with each other. My virgo ex-husband died March 2006. I mourn him, miss him deeply and think about him and our memories.
    He was the best man for me.

  111. I am a Virgo female and I have been with a Libra male and it was the worst relationship ever. Horoscopes are basically a overall generalization of a sign and not the individual person itself I have found a lot of truth in generalizations as being a Virgo, I love to analyze my mate especially there horoscope background. If a gentleman is one of those bad signs for me, I wont date him. I know that seems harsh, but everytime I do date a sign that is bad for me, it ends up being just that-a bad relationship.

    • I’m a Virgo male. I think that you’ve not tried hard enough, just doing some basic “homework” or evaluation through only the superficial level of your date. Generalisation is just an advice to see how they might be, but people change here and there, and you’ve got to be ready for such changes to stay relevant.

  112. I cant agree with the Aquarius one because Im a virgo and my current BF is a Aquarius and things are good, but im getting bored of him!

    • I have to disagree I’m a Virgo and my husband is an Aquarius . We have been married 12 years and have three children together. So where not the worst match, I learned how to really open up and love from this man. So don’t always believe what you read.

    • I also had a extremely good relationship with an aquarius but when this turned bad they reached the worst it has ever been with any other relationship

      • Im going thru a divorce with a Aquarius woman. They can be very aloof and illogical. When its good with them its good but when they find somthing else they flee. Very irresponsible and unreliable

  113. Not true to say Libra is one of the worst matches for Virgo. I’m a Libra female and my man is a Virgo and things are great. I think it helps though that my dad is a Virgo too. If you’re used to Virgos, any Libra will be fine with Virgo criticism because we know that’s how they care so much for us. If they didn’t, they’d never say a word!

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