Libra Best and Worst Relationship Matches


Above all the rest your Libra lover is the most passionate, the most comforting and the most amiable of the sun signs. It is just in their nature. It is likely that you were the wall flower and they approached you at the party. They struck up a conversation because they sensed in you a discontentedness, or alienation. It was their gentle and comforting way that appealed so quickly to your heart and then they attacked your head. This is the general pattern of the Libran lovers, to reach out for the emotional aspects in people, and yet because of their almost insatiable thirst for knowledge, you won’t get out of a relationship with Libra before demonstrating an interest in more scholarly parts of the world.

But don’t get too deep with a Libra, since they are one of the air signs, their attention can wane and be spotty at best. They love to delve into hobbies like a flash in the pan, hot and quick. This incessant need for variety can be a real strength or an incredible weakness. Be aware of this tendency and make sure that you can see the warning signs in your Libra. When their eyes start to wander change the subject, there is no point trying to force the issue with a Libra, since even if they wanted to keep going their mind may be forcing them in different directions than they want to go in. Try and flow with their mind and their desires, it is often interesting and always exciting.

The Libran is always very intuitive. They know when you are lying and they know when you are trying to conceal some emotion or anger. It is always recommended to be honest with a lover that sits inside of the Libran sun sign, since they have a built in lie detector and are always on the look out for deception. This intuition means strong paternal/maternal instincts and a great deal of empathy. They are constantly making sure that you are ok, and that everyone around them is having fun. Don’t expect to be able to hold on to your Libra at a party and though they will be regularly looking for you and peppering you with affection, their more emotional empathic side drives them around.

*** Note: If you are on the hunt for a Libra man or woman, don’t force things with them. Though being swept of one’s feet is always attractive, the Libra may have so much on the go that it is important to integrate yourself into their world initially. Don’t let this stop your from romance and spontaneity, just recognize when and how.

Balance is very important to Libras. They even have trouble making more mundane decisions as a result of this borderline obsession with fairness. They love to gather all the relevant information about a general situation and then carefully sift through it to come up with a point of view that takes into consideration all the valuable components of each side. This is a great quality, but can sometimes lead to insanity in Libra’s partners as even dinner plans can be fraught with crisis level decision making stress.

***Note: Just make those little decisions for them. If you can’t decide between Chinese and Thai, just figure out which one you would rather, and then make it happen. Don’t mistake this indecision for a desire to have all of their life decided by others. On the contrary, it is a good lover’s job to help Libra overcome the ineffectualness that can sometimes arise as a result of this personality trait. Don’t let them lose out on opportunities because they are so concerned with making the right decision that they make no decision.

You may notice that for some Libras, this striving for balance results in a real aversion to conflict. Don’t worry about their feelings though, they are more worried about hurting yours. They would much prefer to work out arguments with dialogue, and will usually only be satisfied when both sides are shown and each part of the disagreement in resolved.

The most obvious warning regarding pursuing a relationship with a Libra can be found in precisely the same place that their greatest strengths lay. Many times Libra can be found mired in a very real and difficult “love triangle.” This means that their hearts are truly divided, and thought they can’t make up their mind as of yet, the air aspects of their sign means that when they do, it may be made coldly and with a detached calculation. This can lead to broken hearts and deeply hurt feelings and despite the intuitive knowledge that a Libra has of other people, their self preservation is made manifest through this emotionally removed decision making process.

Don’t run away, just keep yourself protected until your Libran lover makes a decision, and trust me the wait is worth the reward.

Best Relationship Matches

Aries Is your ideal mate despite being your zodiacal opposite. It’s a great evening out of the Venus and Mars’ different qualities: aggression and tenderness, leadership and acquiescence, practicality and creativity.

Gemini They are able to appreciate your understanding of their complex character, and you’re artistically harmonious.

Aquarius You both love people and beauty, although they’re a touch more unpredictable.

Worst Relationship Matches

Virgo Too fussy for you.

Scorpio Too dark for your warm, sunny outlook.

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  1. I’m a Libra male and my girlfriend is a Scorpio and we love each other and there is nothing wrong with our relationship. I disagree with this.

  2. aries women <3 im a libra guy and i always found myself really liking saggitarius :)

  3. im a libra female.. we are such a loyal and great lovers , you cannot imagine. We are more like completely devoted to our partners. We would never cheat or hurt them anyway. And arians are just the opposites. They pretend to be loving and friendly and sweet and charming and romantic but they are so shallow inside. No matter how hard a Libran try, Arians are so stubborn and selfish they would always hold a grudge against you. In the beginning, it would seem like a fairy tale. but that is because Arians love to act. THey are only fakers nothing else. And so after sometime this real side of them comes out. Arians love to bring old fights in conversations and drag them to the extent that it hurt a Libran psychologically. Arians are at fault and still they let Librans think and create an atmosphere such that Libras think it was their mistake. Librans apologise to save the relationship but then Arians would show their bloody attitude . Arians love to raise fights for no good reason. They want everything the way they like. Hundred million times. All librans are left with is compromise. And still Arians pretend as if Librans have hurt them.. I am so pissed off right now. Arians are all fakers and cheaters in love.

    If a Libran wants to compromise all her life or wants to be treated as a doormat then she can go for an Arian partner.

    • So true even i dated an aries guy nd i guess our true nature got out worst of us ..aries is pretending they woll say anythng but complete selfish…finally broke up..hurts like hell but longterm its better way…

  4. Hi I’m Libra and I see most of the qualities mentioned above matches my personality. I have a Sagittarius girl friend and its been 4 years our relationship is still fresh. We have fought 1000 times but we love each other so much. But unknowingly she cheats on me by chatting other guys. are librarians very possessive in nature?

    Before this had 2 gfs of type Taurus. Our relationship was pathetic and we could not last for 3 months. I find Taurus girls very boring and lazy in nature. On the other hand I have Gemini friends with whom I can gel up very well.

    I have this question since many years. I am very short tempered and I don’t care what people think about me. I get angry on very small things that happen around me. Can anybody answer this?

  5. Watch out for librans, they’re very unfaithful, sneaky, they like playing power games, but, when they try play with anyone, it’s up to you; LEAVE; you’ll be better off

    • Mate it sounds like u met urself a Narcissist not a libran ! Us libran females are the most easy going women out there! We are fun, loving, caring, always put others first, we see each side of the story, we dont take sides and dont hold grudges, we are in love with love, some staying with their partners thinking they love them but are in actual fact in love with the thought of having someone love them, so they dismiss the nastiness of the other, we absolutely hate fighting, arguments make us crawl in to a ball not litterly.. mentally! We forgive way too easy and let morrons walk all over us, we get used and others always taking our kind hearted nature for granted, yes we are gullable but we are not stupid, we ask alot of questions for the attention of someone… for the company, to make conversation so others feel like they are needed as we are very Unselfish, we come accross as flirts but we dont see it like that we see it as just being nice and do what we do best… be a social butterfly, we are real, we hate liars and wow do we know when someones lying! Best quote for a libran is “shes asking you a question about what or whom youve done. Not because she wants to know but coz she already knows the truth and wants you to fess up”! We love honesty and are huge believers in karma.. we hate secrets or being left out of convos when its something thats about us, we confront those who have told untruthes about us we need the other to know the real story not the crap theyve heard from elsewhere, our hearts are real and need to be cherished, one who catches the heart of a libran will be loved, addored, worshiped, respected, cared for until they have been treated like a sack of crap way too much and then they may just become a hater, im a libran libran moons libra im all libran i get along with Pieces girls but not men, gemini ex was a druggy so never really knew the real gemini he had inside, and recently met another who spoke to much of himself and when i was speaking he’d cut me off, we are so easy going people need to actually listen and grasp what a Liberian says not listen and say we are all bull dust get to actually know a Liberian u would not be disappointed it’s just that we like to take our time to see if our new love is worth giving all our love coz when we do you others are the luckiest people! And no ones ever the same as the next so love like youve never been hurt.. cheers

      • may be I met a narcissist libran, quite the bullshit artist, but, not smart enough to do it the rightway; we also have “lie detectors”, and librans are not quite as you describe yourself, may be you’re describing what you want yourself to be looked at as, or may be you’re the perfect woman…I met her, enough said, full of bull dust :(

        • Im just describing me mate :-) just remember no ones the same and to always go in to a new relationship like youve never been hurt x

  6. What about a liban and another libran?

  7. So so much of all that is true. Im a libra male (Oct 8) and I have a girlfriend Aries and we are so totally different from eachother that it gets to a point of not being interesting. I do love her and although yes as a libra I love attention and can see how easy it is for us to take it up a notch from flirting I haven’t and will never cheat on my girlfriend because that’s where my empathy and ability to put myself in her shoes would come into play. If all else fails in our relationship id never cheat or stray on an unfaithful path simply off the respect I have for her. Ive always read that an Aries wasn’t a very good match for a libra though because of how different they are. We are always in search of the “perfect” match and it took me a long time to realize that it don’t exist. However I did happen to realize the true love that I had in someone but being a true libra I never saw what I had until she was gone. I love that im a libra but sometimes it sucks because we are very vain and lazy. I can go through hell and high water to please someone and make sure theyre comfortable but if I don’t even get the slightest admiration from it then that seems to stick with me anytime I see that person after. If you get a libra male that after awhile the sex has duled down or if he almost seems like he don’t care anymore…that’s not totally meaning that he don’t care or anything it just means hes getting bored with the same look, routine, etc and therefore in a sense will take it out on you because libras are very free spirited so if we feel like you cant keep up or keep us interested then our minds are gonna start wandering and wondering what else is out there. If you have full attention of one of us libras though then as a libra I can say you’ll have one of the truest loves you’ll ever experience.

  8. I’m a libra female and I can say we are good lie detectors except when we are very much in love. We are so fair that it is hard for us to imagine that a lover that we have a strong connection to can lie to us. My husband lied to me for years about his feelings and he also had a serious illness. Being a libra and wanting to be fair and empathetic – it never occurred to me that his distance had to do with anything BUT his illness and he was lying to me for years. He was a Picses. I ADORED him and was insanely attracted to him, but never wanting him to be unhappy – I never pushed issues with him – and being a lazy Pisces – he just back peddled out of the relationship without ever once trying to work on it. He also left me very injured – I had a terrible injury when he left and even though I stood by him for years while he was sick and still is – he just dumped me in that condition.

  9. I’m a libra woman and my man is a Capricorn….are we doomed?

  10. We are not all that bad.

  11. I’m a libra guy and just broke it off with an aries girl. I’ve never been more passionate about seeing someone. She was very agressive in nature but somehting about her confidence and leadership kept me interested. for 6 months she lead me on but the worst side of zodiac sign came out when i constantly tried to compromise and forgive her. My heart got smashed to a million pieces but i’d still kill for another shot.

  12. I am a libra female and I have a big attraction to Aries man I met one a year Nd a half ago thru a mutual friend and we had a instant connection he touch me on my shoulder and I felt a spark go thru my body we exchanged numbers we got together for one time ever snce then we have been in and off I also found out he had a girlfriend of 3 years he says he isn’t happy and wants me badly but I don’t see this happening soon my question is do you think this Aries man libra women attraction will ever end??? Confused libra :/

  13. yes! i am libra woman and i inlove with a gemini man, he’s so sweet ang gentle…and he always makes me happy every now and then…we’re perfect match, ever!!!

  14. Well… I am a Libra female and I have to say this is the most spot on assessment of Libras I have ever read!!! I have been married to 2 Scorpios and it ended in DIVORCE… they just couldn’t ‘get me’ they were too not fun!? I have dated, Pisces, Libras, now a Leo… and it is quite intersting… they all are enamored with me but I seem to be their dream but they are not mine… the Leo seems to be holding my attention the most… the Libra was too much like me… we couldn’t make a decision! LOL the Pisces was a bit of a whiner!
    As a Libra I find that I want them to be HAPPY and content and that often overshadows my needs… but with the Leo my needs seem to come first this is really cool… he likes the SEXY nature of my Libraness! HA go figure!


  15. I absolutly love this ! Riiite on the dot for me pretty much everything said I am a libra woman who loves art harmony and love ! We r the “karma” sign with our weights(: and yess we can steal ur heart fast personal experiance….but can be hurtful….. yea yea spelling is terrible but hey having my nails done does not make it easy on such a small keybord(: but man right on the dot love this description by far the best I have read(:

  16. i know a libra male…very romantic and is sincere … i am a sagitarius female…does it work?
    i was told the secondary signs are signs that are beside you in both directions…for me it is Libra and Carpircorn

  17. sorry have to correct my grammar, *What would be* first line.

  18. Oh and i should have also mentioned, we also desire the verbal confirmation of love because yes we really suck at seeing whats in front of us alot of the time, though not something I can say I’m sorry for as each sign has it’s weaknesses and I admit that as being one of mine.

  19. unfortunately sugar holiday you fell into the hands of what be a less secure and deep down emotionally unstable libra, while it seemed good at the beginning that was because he had found someone who would make decisions for him, and as an aries you had no complaints because your a natural born leader and he had found just that. With that my guess being that over the course of time this was like a ticking time bomb inside of him conflicting with his born nature to balance things out before deciding, hence his emotional outburst towards you. And lastly the infidelity being the result because while at the bottom of his hole, and sadly another of our unfortunate traits while weak, he decided to try to move on while avoiding confrontation with you, out of fear of conflict. Though please do be mindful that a more level and secure libra is perfectly content and happy in a relationship where he knows he is loved, though being the intellectual creatures we are, we do appreciate verbal confirmation from our lover that they love us as we love to do the same in return. Well I hope this might open a fresh perspective for you coming from a more level minded libra and better luck in your future, presuming you see this of course seeing that you posted yours 3 years ago .

  20. Libras have an ”inbuilt lie detector” just the perfect word. A Libra lover is the best thing that can ever happen to anybody. trust me, striking a balance is their way of life.

  21. this is real libra ! :)

  22. There is always a mystery between a libra male and a scorpio female. There is a lot of love and tension between the two, but far greater than that, is the devotion they have for one another secretly inside like a fairy tale that only they hide in themselves and no one can touch that. It’s a battle of patience and love with a strong will to the end…Living a novel with a man that will never leave my heart and life

  23. I’m a libra woman, what about libra & Leo? are we suitable fr each other?:(

  24. I’m a libra woman, what about libra & Leo? are we suitable fr each other?

  25. I’m having a relationship with a Libra woman, and I’m a Taurus. Our relationship is very, very hard. Her flirty self always irritates me, and I do realize that I’m irritating her with my constant depression. She nearly formed a crush with a Sagittarius man, but did request me to shower her love to remove that crush forming. I’m glad that she maintained in the relationship (after I shower her with love), but I couldn’t help but (felt irritated) and the guilt of restricting her. The guilt is so much that I would just leave her just to let her gain what she wants. Since she’s a Libra, decision-making isn’t her profession. She’s in between me and the Sagittarius man, and could not decide which should she follow. After reading horoscopes about Taurus and Libra, she finally realized that she had been hurting me for a long time (from starting of the relationship) and wished to start anew. I gave her a chance, and she really changed a lot (from bad to good, literally). But I can still sense that flirty self inside her. It’s just like she’s hiding it from me. To be honest, that helped a lot in decreasing my depressing period, but at the same time, the guilt got more and more. But somehow, I could sense a strong relationship and bond forming, and I wish she could really realize what love is, and why am I staying with her even she’s causing trouble to me constantly. I pray that our relationship will last long, despite the suffers and waits <3

  26. Help!! M scorpio women n man i love is libra ..i never undrstnd y libra man dnt show their love dt makes me confused wheathr he love me or not so i dnt know wheathr to get along or not..

  27. I am a Libran and was friends with an Aries guy. But of late the attraction between us has become so overwhelming that I am almost afraid of it. I’ve never crushed on anyone so badly as I crush on him right now. I really hope that the compatibility part is as true as the description of us Librans :)

  28. well am a libra and was in love with a pices and we had such a connection its crazy but he dont have a sence of hummer at all and is always saying hurtfull things and i take them personaly and he dont get y and wen i get mad he always say its my fault and i end up saying sorry everytime but i will explain to him and he whould still do it is like he has no respect for me or just dont get me at all HELP PLEASE!

  29. We do love attention and super love to be adored.Thats why we flirt.Also its a way for us to know that we are still attractive.Its not that we always are looking for “the next best thing” but realy if he bores you a lot,you would look a lil around you wont you? Thats human nature.I do flirt.I wont deny.But when it comes to infidelity,I take a step back.

  30. :| Aries? I dont think so.They are too blunt and controlling.I did date one.He was all this lovey-dovey and then one day when I was talking to him about how one of my male friends had a gf who had a big mouth.He told me,”He aint enough of a man.You see men play the tune and should make women dance to it.” I broke up with him a week later.And about a leo….well,he is realy awesome to be with if he stops controlling his girl.His only fault is he is toooo possesive and dominating.

  31. I’m a libra and I think a Sagittarius should be one of the best love matches, because like almost all my guy friends were or are Sagittarius’s! I love them so much… and the best match for Sagittarius is Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo and etc. I’m a very outgoing lovable person. I love having adventures going outside and being FREE!!! just like a Sagittarius! weird.. right? And about the worst match and Scorpio.. like I DONT UNDERSTAND!! My bestie is a scorpio. and our personalities totally match. We have been best friends for 6 years. I think I changed her by making her more popular and outgoing. She is sometimes sunny or warmer looking than me! smiles all the time and is happy… WOW! i love scorpios! lol bye bye.. please comment on what you think !

  32. Clearly we smtimes belive these thngs course most of it its a libra female and the 1st guy i fel inluv with was a scorpio male and this have b3n cuming on for how lng alreadi even though we broke up with eachothr we just cant seem 2 stay away frm eachothr.I Dnt thnk any othr guy out there would make me fall so deep inlve every again,cause whn im with him my world feels compliet…The worst part of it all was me being insecure whn it came 2 trust and honesty,belive u me scorpio men are good at keeping scertz…mwah

  33. I’m a Libra female and my boyfriend’s Aquarius. Felt good knowing we’re a match. Had a fling with a Virgo at some stage, and my sister’s one as well. They’re truly the worst people to be around. Now I know why. The sex is always amazing though, regardless of who I’m with. Why? Because Librans are absolutely amazing like that!!!

  34. i strictly don agree with the above post !!!

  35. im in love with a libra and its the best love i have ever had, we fight sometimes but we will apologize in the next hour,sometimes i think he is to friendly but thats just in him, im a gemini female

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  36. As a libra male I was married to a Scorpio wife. When we met it was VERY FAST, VERY EMOTIONAL, and the sex was great. Ok, well, not the first time – but it was my first time. I will say that my scorpio woman cared about the looks of everything but didn’t have a clue how things work. (maybe that is just women). She had deep emotional pain and would not put it down. She was aggressive and hurtful, and in sex she cared more about herself than me. As a man I try to be more suave, as a woman she was always ready do. It’s kinda hard when she is ready to go. – Offspring. Problems arose and SHE was too lazy to do anything about them. She plotted behind my back and moved out without notice. Avoid women like this at all costs. If they lie to you once, they will lie a million times. RUN. F U CAR

  37. im a libra female i have a boyfriend and his a libra also. we both love each other…and we understand each other…..but he is far from me…. i try to forget him because he is far from me…but i cant…..

  38. Libras only wander if they are not challenged ~ emotionally, physically,. they desire love and give love…it’s up to the mate to keep up or bow out….just being honest.. We make the best friends, conversationalists, socialites…life of the party…My moon is in leo this is where the attention comes from…We love beautiful things, the arts, music…and must be surrounded by it…A true balance of work and play…hope this helps

  39. I’m a Libra….and this thing reads like my g@d damn life! I think almost everything described fits me perfectly…whether that’s for the good or bad idk.

  40. I am a Libra Female with a Taurus Rise, Sag Moon, let me tell you, I have run the gamete, Marries a Sag,he cheated, was a disaster ( and still is) Worked and dated Taurus and it’s like run forrest Run……….at age 55, I realized that my friends and people around me that I adore are all Aries. nuff said.

  41. I am a gemini man
    Just recently i left a libra women,best move i have ever done in my life.This thing is way off.The worst relationship i have ever had.Good redence.

  42. yes us libra do love ppl n love da love right baq, we always kno wut we want so we go for it with no problem.. but we also have a huge warm heart, hard for most of us libra to get mad if we dont let it get to us. we do tend to let da best slip away but dats never a problem for us libra cuz we scale our problems out n think of other ways to keep our mind off stuff. WE LOVE TO B THE CENTER OF ATTENCHUN!! ALWAYS COMPETITIVE AND ALWAYS TRYEN TO B DA BEST!! dats just who us libra are.

  43. im a male libra n i have a girlfirend that is a virgo. we been together for 4 years now n its been a pretty fun ride. we have our ups n downs. everytime we argue we argue throughout da whole day, but when we start off good in da morning da rest of da day is good. basically libras n virgos will tend to have alot of agreements n disagreements but once we find our innerselfs we are attracted to eachother which for us libra its a great feelin to feel.

  44. I’ve heard that Librs’a are gullible and u can get away with anything when it comes to dating one. and I’ve also heard that they do one night stands wow.they’re good friends though.

  45. I have a Libra boyfriend and I’m a Libra also…and its weird, i thought we would be a lot more loving with each other but he likes to be more demanding, controlling and not all the time loving and adorable.anyway, no idea what to do…

  46. I am a libran female, i do agree with most things being said here, I’m very indicisive, flirty and sociable! i’m not very straight-forward with my feelings either. I do flirt and love attention but I have morals,and care for the people around me mostly my partner, and will never cheat. But I do get bored quite easily and need to be kept interested!

  47. omg Sugar holiday Im a libra and u described me to a T. I was utterly in love with an Aries. It was the best/worst relationship ever. We verbally abused eachother yet the love between us was insane. He always told me i was looking for the next best thing. He hated my indecisiveness, i hated that he was so tough. All in all, this is why i believe in zodiac profiles… i am a true libra. This didnt mention Leos though. I find Libras are really attracted to leos and they make for a lovely match. No arguing, love for pretty things… very good match indeed. Sometimes though, i miss the fiery ways of my aries. Such a Libra i am.. grass is always greener on the other side.. sighhhhhhh!

  48. I’m a libra female and i have found my gemini! our love is amazing. unlike any other. the only problem is that my gemini is stubborn and flighty. we’re separated right now because he’s unsure if we’re the right fit. he feels too comfortable around me. it’s horrible because i love that i understand him in every way and he understands me. we have the perfect connection. he keeps looking but it always comes back to me. i’m the only one that understands every bit of him but he’s young and stubborn and has not yet let it sink in. If you are a libra make sure to find yourself a gemini at least once in your lifetime. it’s truely amazing. they will love both your fun outgoing side and your down to earth emotional side. i can’t seem to get over my gemini and frankly i dont want to. i’m content waiting for him to be ready for me. and yes i do agree us libra’s are GREAT lie detectors. i have yet to meet someone i couldnt read. my intuition of people usually comes off as a bitchiness though simply because i usually can tell who a person is within a few minutes to hours upon meeting them.

  49. wow this is an old blog but I am new here would like to add my piece too.

    I am a libra and I find that when I am lacking attention, affection and love from my mate I start having the desire to cheat. But…not before letting my mate know how I feel about the attention I am lacking from him…then if he still doesnt measure up I will stray and look for what i need elsewhere.

  50. Omg!!! haha I love this. It is so true. I am a libra myself (oct 13) I do ask for others opinion before I do something. I basically make them choose things for me because I do not want to be wrong! Is that bad? One thing that I am notorious for is having one guy that I consider my boyfriend….but hooking up with someone else. I continuelessly try to find someone better….but yet end up cheating. When I go to parties i normally bring one guy and leave with another. I can’t decide what I want at all…..I have never been in love…lust maybe…but that gave me a child….whom i love and adore. But the whole relationship thing does not work out for me. I just want to have fun…and if it happens. Not looking for anything serious because in the end I think that I would get hurt…so yes I hurt them before they hurt me. I know horrible…but I just can’t deal with pain. I put on the fake smile and pretend everything is ok!!! That is what a libra is about!

  51. this makes me sad D:
    i fell for this libra guy who i kept having to sit by in almost every class we had together and i can tell he doesnt like me… after reading this and the libra men thing, i think…no i know he must think im just ugly and smart and just.. there..
    now i dont know how to get over him D: sad

  52. oh?!!

  53. From my personal experience i can totally agree to what sugar holliday has to say about libra men. About loosing interest in you after they know they have you and flirting with everyone all the time, making you look foolish. My first love was a libra man to… and im a cancer woman. Everytime we locked eyes on each other there was always this intensity. The smallest touches were so overwhelming for both of us it was crazy. Everyday with them was a soap oprea though. Either one of us was being too dramatic or he was always being so self involved or one might say selfish. It always had to be about him getting attention, and i was always there to give it to him, but he was never satisfyed with anything. It always had to be better. He never respected my feelings and i always respected his. How is that fair?? Dont get me wrong he was deffinatly the sweetest guy ever when he wanted to be very loving and caring. Dont get me started on the sex But he was always so hateful, and obsessive in a protective way. Even though he would say i was free to do whatever and that i was my own person, it was clear i wasnt. At one point we were descusing children, and marriage! We never really got over each other.. and with my clingy nature too i probably wont either sadly. I Dont Even Think Being Friends Will Work Out… We Seem To Bring The Worst Sides Out Of Us.


  54. … and yes.. the infidelity is a certainty… they love people and being loved by others.. and are notorious for flirting and taking it to the next level… if they know they have you they don’t care how you love them… they will keep looking for the next best thing.. not knowing what they have in front of them…

    • That is not true. I’m a libra, and you shouldn’t sterotype all of us like that.

    • your so right (:

    • Well I can say right now, that for all Libyans faults, the love and care and infidelity is more often than not dependent on how we are treated. I just broke up with my partner and for a capricorn who is supposedly direct honest and loyal, I found him to be the exact opposite. I am a social butterfly and I’m like a moth to a flame with any kind of beauty and I think that we see the beauty in others where most others often fail. It is often to our own detriment but while we may flirt and some may stray, inner beauty is equally as important. People seem to fall hard and quickly for us Librans and then want to change the qualities they they find so endearing. We can take an emotional beating like no other. But make no mistake, even though we don’t like conflict, we will sting you if you scorn hurt us! Truth be told, you will never own a libra in any way. But you can be a part of our world. And unfortunately for most. We can smell the lies and deceit so don’t even try it. But most of all don’t be discouraged if it “says” you aren’t a match. 1 of the best qualities about us is we want to love and see the goodness in everyone. Our compromise makes us star sign friendly

  55. My greatest love was a libra man and I am an aries female… almost from the day we met we lived with one another… never separated… in the beginning the sex was amazing, the kissing the talking just being around one another everyday from the day we met… i feel in love when i saw him and we did not speak a word… idk how it happened so badly and quickly.. he became so emotionally abusive to me… his drunken tirades drove me over the edge along with his dysfunctional family…. never again will i let a mans family come into my relationship again…i thought he would never leave.. but i broke it off with him and it was over.. the hardest thing i ever did.. but they are opportunists to a core… be mindful they will take your heart without a problem…

  56. Most Libra men are sweethearts!

  57. i love it i love it i love it! Im really into horoscopes and the zodiac signs cuz im a libra myself(oct 21st) and we libras are sincerely kind-hearted, but problems arise when we try to impress ppl way too much. We’r def. Indecisive, i always find myself askin sum1 does this look rite? Or which should i choose? lol :) We want everyone to experience the love we have to offer so thats y we’r so wandery n dreamy. Creative we are, and lie detectors is the perfect described word.. Sometimes i hate that i can discern so much of ppl or even just feel their hurt. *sighs* like i said, ive read lots of horoscope info, but this is the best followup yet!

    • libra male here (oct 21 too) :)….we are sincere and have a habit of trying to make sure that no one is feeling bad…sometimes it can be a two edged sword….nd yea we are indecisive because i can easily recall 5 instances off the top of my head where i think twice or even three times before making a decision…it tends to annoy others sumtimes lol….and yea we tend to wander easily….tis girl talked to me for about minutes and i zoned out on everything she said…then she asked me what she had said cus i wasnt listening…it ended well though cus we started making out and she forgo about it…we libras are such good charmers lol….nd yea idk if its just me but i feel like i can tell easily pic up on how a person is feeling…i think that lets me know if theyre lying to me or not…nd i agree this is really gud :)

  58. i recently broke with my taurus guy :’(
    btw.. im a libra.

    • So its a new year and we in 2012…are u back with that guy again or have u find someone new over these yearz

  59. I TOTALLY disagree with Scorp being worst match for Libra male. I have been with my Libra for over 6 yrs. Yea we have our issues, but we are so in love with each other and we always work things out. My libra calms me and I give him peace which he craves since he goes through a lot of personal issues. We balance each other out. Not to mention…the SX is ALWAYS mind blowin’!

    • I know this is years later but… Scorpios are very passionate! Sex with scorpios us always mind blowing! :-)


  60. I am a leo male and I think I am engaged to a Libra female (haha.. It’s been on and off a couple of times because of little uncertanties). She was torn from her life and boyfriend of five years about eight months ago. He wont be coming back for at leat ten years. She realy does love me but sometimes she seems like she is torn between us. I just wait quietly for her to sort things out in her own mind. The only thing that has bothered me is that when I came back from a two week trip I found out that she left a party with another guy. It seems that her intentions were to go home but she ended up staying at his house. She promises to me that there were no infidelities and that she had no where else to stay, so I give her the benifit of the doubt. However, now I am wary. Should I be worried about infidelities?

    • i don’t think you should.i am a libra female, and i could say that if that was me, i wouldnt cheat. because libras appreciate loving partners and strong relationships. they may want their space and independence sometimes, but dont take that personally..because they just need time to get over stuff sometimes. we can also be very emotional at times honestly lol so watch out for that haha.

    • I am a Libra Woman and for me, infedilety is always the last thing on my mind. Libras understand the importance of faithfulness and since Love is usually our top most priority, we do everything in our power to make it work. As mentioned we can put ourselves in other people’s shoes quite easily to determine an alternative perspective, and when we do this, we know that cheating is wrong immediately. But we are social, so don’t get that confused. And yes, it is possible for us to love two people at the same time, but that does not mean we will devote our time to both parties, almost always we are “one-man-women!”

      • I am anyway…lol.

    • Yes bud; you should be worried; they’re sneaky, conniving and natural liars as well

  61. i’m a libra female, my boyfriend is a scorpio and sometimes its hard to deal with him, but there is an attraction between us, i figure its because he’s a libra moon.

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